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2008-02-01 16:20:00

Family and friends of the Columbia astronauts gathered at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida today to pay tribute to the seven fliers who perished five years ago when their space ship broke apart as it descended to Earth. The Feb. 1, 2003 breakup of Columbia, which was 16 minutes from reaching the runway at the Florida shuttleport, rained debris across East Texas. Under a sunlit sky early today, some of those closest to the Columbia astronauts gathered at the Space Mirror Memorial, a...

2005-08-10 09:00:00

From Mission Control to Main Street, the relief was visceral: Discovery was home. In 2003, the nation's heart sank at the sight of multiple contrails in the Texas sky, an unmistakable sign that space shuttle Columbia was disintegrating during re-entry into Earth's atmosphere. So for those closest to Discovery's two-week "return to flight" mission - as well as those still grieving for Columbia's crew of seven - Tuesday's landing in California was especially nerve-racking. Afterward, NASA...

2005-07-06 14:45:00

HOUSTON -- Families of the seven astronauts who died aboard the shuttle Columbia feel hope and pain as they reflect on NASA's return to space for the first time since the tragedy 2 1/2 years ago. Relatives of at least three of the Columbia astronauts plan to attend the launch of Discovery on July 13. And some are sending mementoes up with Discovery's crew, such as flags, gold medallions, a Columbia mission pin. Discovery commander Eileen Collins said her crew plans a special tribute to...

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