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2013-10-28 23:28:02

The Town of Cedaredge wanted a better avenue for conveying important messages and a full color digital sign added exposure for the community and increased traffic. Cedaredge, CO (PRWEB) October 28, 2013 ADvantage LED Signs Representative Richard James announced the completion of another digital display installation in Cedaredge, Colorado. The Town of Cedaredge purchased a 3'-7 5/16" x 7'-9 11/16" 16mm iPixel Full Color 64x144 iMatrix Double Face Display sign which will...

2013-10-21 23:30:22

ADvantage LED continues to maintain their reputation for success by retrofitting an existing sign with a community LED sign to help the City of Blanco effectively share important information. Blanco, TX (PRWEB) October 21, 2013 ADvantage LED Signs spokesperson Richard James announced the completion of another successful project. The City of Blanco purchased a new LED Sign measuring 3' 6 3/8" x 6' 9 3/4" featuring a 25mm Amber Grayscale 40x80 Matrix Double Face Display in...

2013-07-15 23:22:08

LED signs for restaurants has proven returns for pulling people into their business and Rita's Italian Ice is taking advantage. Houston, TX (PRWEB) July 15, 2013 ADvantage LED Signs spokesman Richard James recently announced the completion of another successful LED sign installation in Pittsburgh, PA. The sign, installed for Rita's Italian Ice, is being used to draw in customers off the street instantly with unique graphics and advertisements about products offered. According to...

2013-07-01 23:23:06

De Queen First Assembly Church is taking advantage of an out-of-the-box way to reach out to their community and spread the Word with an LED Sign. Houston, TX (PRWEB) July 01, 2013 ADvantage LED Signs recently announced the completion of their latest project; a new LED sign for De Queen First Assembly Church. The sign, according to Richard James, spokesperson for ADvantage LED Signs, says it enables the church to get their message out quickly and communicate more effectively with their...

2013-04-15 23:02:27

Fort Gordon, an Army Base in Augusta, GA, puts LED signs at multiple gates and displays important messages to increase communication and awareness by using a web-based software solution. Augusta, GA (PRWEB) April 15, 2013 ADvantage LED Signs spokesperson Richard James announced the completion of multiple Military LED Signs and installation at multiple gates for Ft. Gordon in Augusta, GA. The LED billboards will be used for advertising community events and special messages for the base and...

2012-03-13 06:53:05

Australian scientists have bred a variety of durum wheat that can grow up to 25% better in salty soils. Scientists from the CSIRO Plant Industry discovered a salt tolerant gene and, using non-GM breeding techniques, implemented this gene into a commercial durum wheat. The field tests of this crop show remarkable results. Researchers from the University of Adelaide´s Waite Research Institute are leading the effort to understand how this specific gene lends the wheat the ability to...

2012-03-12 09:55:40

A team of Australian scientists has bred salt tolerance into a variety of durum wheat that shows improved grain yield by 25% on salty soils. Using 'non-GM' crop breeding techniques, scientists from CSIRO Plant Industry have introduced a salt-tolerant gene into a commercial durum wheat, with spectacular results shown in field tests. Researchers at the University of Adelaide's Waite Research Institute have led the effort to understand how the gene delivers salinity tolerance to the plants....

New Materials Turn Heat Into Electricity
2011-11-05 04:16:03

A new material with a low-temperature nonmagnetic phase and a strongly magnetic high-temperature phase could potentially be used to help generate power Most of today's power plants--from some of the largest solar arrays to nuclear energy facilities--rely on the boiling and condensing of water to produce energy. The process of turning heated water into energy was essentially understood by James Watt all the way back in 1765. Heat from the sun or from a controlled nuclear reaction boils...

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2010-10-11 19:48:16

The slinky consists of a helical spring that stretches and can bounce up and down. The spring can travel down stairs as it stretches and re-forms itself with the aid of gravity and momentum. Invented by Richard James in 1940's the slinky was demonstrated at Gimbels department store in 1945. The store sold its entire inventory of 400 units in ninety minutes. James Industries was formed to manufacture the slinky. It was until 1998 that the James family cashed in by selling the company to...

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