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2009-04-27 13:58:30

Wildlife campaigners are welcoming plans for new curbs on the practice of removing fins from live sharks, BBC News reported. "Finning" involves cutting fins off of living sharks and dumping the low-value carcass at sea. On Thursday, a meeting in Brussels drew up an action plan on finning, which results in the deaths of the sharks "” which are often exported to China where they are used make shark-fin soup. The plans for Scottish waters went further, only giving permission in...

2008-09-26 12:00:21

Fishermen and environmental leaders in Scotland called for the European Union to change a policy that has $74 million in cod discarded every year. The selection process required by the European Union means roughly half the cod caught in nets must be thrown back, a waste of 100,000 metric tons of fish a year, The Scotsman reported Friday. "The scale of the problem beggars belief," said Scottish Environmental Minister Richard Lochhead. "Crazy European regulations mean that, at a time of...

2008-09-25 06:00:18

By Jenny Haworth ALMOST a million tonnes of fish are discarded in the North Sea every year, The Scotsman can reveal - about 100,000 tonnes by Scottish boats. Today, Richard Lochhead, the environment secretary, will say Scots fishermen are being forced to throw away good-quality fish worth tens of millions of pounds every year. The staggering waste will be revealed as he brings together skippers, fishing organisations, scientists and conservationists at a summit in Edinburgh to work out...

2008-09-23 12:00:28

By ALISON CHIESA ENVIRONMENT Secretary Richard Lochhead yesterday announced the go- ahead for the first community marine reserve, which will be at Lamlash Bay on the Isle of Arran. The reserve introduces a ban on fishing in the waters amid hopes that scallop beds in the area will be more productive as a result, benefiting local fishermen. Mr Lochhead said: "Our seas are special and we need to protect this precious resource while ensuring it continues to support the industries upon which...

2008-06-25 12:00:00

By David Leask and Cate Devine SCALLOPS from the Hebrides. Beef from Aberdeenshire. Raspberries from the glens of Angus. New potatoes from Ayrshire. Few doubt the quality of Scotland's produce. But far from all are able to enjoy it. The nation has a GBP7.3bn food, drink, farming and fishing industry that supports tens of thousands of families. It also, according to the most recent figures, suffers nearly 2000 cases of clinical malnutrition every year, a disease normally associated with...

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