Latest Rickets Stories

2008-07-23 06:00:00

Over the last three years, pediatricians in Philadelphia have identified more than 150 cases of rickets, the childhood scourge that was virtually eliminated from early 20th-century America by milk fortified with Vitamin D.

2008-07-22 03:00:18

By Karen Shideler, The Wichita Eagle, Kan. Jul. 22--If you keep up with health headlines, you know vitamin D is a bit of a celebrity lately: Low vitamin D levels are common in otherwise healthy children, putting them at risk of rickets, or soft bones.

2008-07-04 03:00:06

By Jeffrey Weiss, The Dallas Morning News Jul.

2008-06-30 21:01:25

By Lisa Rosetta, Salt Lake Tribune SALT LAKE CITY - With summer's full-strength sun overhead, people are slathering on sunscreen and ducking indoors for protection - as they should be, most dermatologists would say. But at least one doctor says to let in the sunshine.

2008-06-24 00:10:00

Austrian researchers found people with a Vitamin D deficiency are more likely to die than their counterparts with high levels of the so-called "sunshine" vitamin.

2008-06-17 06:00:06

By Mary Brophy Marcus Giving your children all they need to grow big and strong may not be as simple as a gummy vitamin and three square meals. They still may be susceptible to an epidemic that's starting to gain the notice of pediatricians and bone doctors across the country: vitamin D deficiency.

2008-06-16 18:00:07

SCIENTISTS now believe that up to 80% of skin ageing is a result of our love of the sun, and we're constantly warned that the sun's cancer-causing properties are contributing to the spiralling number of cases of skin cancer in the UK.

2008-06-16 03:00:07

NEVER mind about the temperature outside - the hottest debate of the summer is whether to sunbathe or not. Over the next few months, many of us will bare all in search of a golden glow, which we're convinced will make us look healthier.

2006-05-17 10:39:15

By Amy Norton NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Though the childhood bone disease rickets has become rare in many countries, the case of one child underscores the potential risk for kids who are allergic to milk.

2006-05-02 10:30:00

By Amy Norton NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Pregnant women with relatively low amounts of vitamin D in their diets tend to give birth to smaller infants, a new study suggests.

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