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2014-06-27 23:06:43

TrekDesk continues its campaign to change the sedentary lifestyle progression in America.

Heart Disease Risk For Inactive Women After Age 30
2014-05-10 05:24:31

A lack of physical activity is the single largest cause of heart disease in women over the age of 30 – trumping even obesity, smoking and high blood pressure, according to research published online in the British Journal of Sports Medicine.

Even Fit People At Higher Death Risk With High Heart Rates
2013-04-16 21:14:35

According to a new study, a higher resting heart rate could be a greater risk indicator than a person’s overall fitness.

2012-07-18 01:30:29

Fewer people died or needed expensive long-term care when their physicians focused on the top risk factors for stroke and dementia.

2012-05-02 10:09:33

In addition to the many risk factors associated with poor health, reducing body mass index (BMI) will have a considerable and independent impact if you want to reduce the risk of developing ischemic heart disease (IHD).

2012-04-03 09:30:32

A current study shows that the risk for coronary heart disease and stroke increases by almost thirty per cent in a person whose partner has cancer.

2012-03-19 12:02:57

University of Granada researchers have developed a software tool that makes an accurate estimation of the risk that a person has to suffer a heart disease.

2012-01-30 11:00:00

Responding to a new CNN study suggesting age and race are not the most important indicators of heart disease, cardiologist Frank Pollaro urges individuals to be mindful of important risk factors.

2012-01-26 11:29:59

In one of the largest-ever analyses of lifetime risks for cardiovascular disease (CVD), researchers have found that middle-aged adults who have one or more elevated traditional risk factors for CVD, such as high blood pressure, have a substantially greater chance of having a major CVD event, such as heart attack or stroke, during their remaining lifetime than people with optimal levels of risk factors.

2012-01-26 09:40:05

Will you have a heart attack or a stroke in your lifetime? Your odds may be worse than you think.

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