Latest Roadkill Stories

New App Increases Efficiency, Accuracy In Reporting Wildlife-vehicle Collisions
2014-06-06 15:17:22

PLOS A new app used to report wildlife-vehicle collisions increased efficiency and accuracy when compared to manual methods, according to a study published June 4, 2014 in the open-access journal PLOS ONE by Daniel Olson from Utah State University and colleagues. Wildlife-vehicle collisions (WVC) endanger both humans and wildlife. Understanding when and where these collisions occur is essential to mitigating risks, but collecting this information requires an efficient and accurate...

Banff Highway Crossings A Success For Moving Wildlife
2013-08-03 05:38:09

Susan Bowen for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online Anywhere that cars and wildlife occupy the same area, the potential for dangerous interactions between the two exists. Additionally, a highway that prevents large animals from crossing successfully to other parts of their range can seriously disrupt wildlife habitat. Banff National Park has worked hard since the 1990's to decrease these problems along the highly-traveled, 83-km stretch of the Trans-Canada Highway that runs through the...

Most Of The Vertebrate Roadkill In Catalonia Is In Protected Areas
2012-10-24 13:43:27

Amphibians are the vertebrate group that is more likely to become roadkill in Catalonia, even more so than reptiles, mammals and birds. This is the case according to an international team of scientists who have concluded that highly protected areas are home to more cases of animal death on the roads. Our network of roads is considered one of the main threats to fauna survival. Researchers at the universities of Barcelona (UB), Porto (Portugal) and Uppsala (Sweden) have studied the number...

2012-09-18 23:00:06

New studies show that there are more than 1.5 million deer-vehicle collisions that occur annually in the United States-- and that is only deer! The combined dollar amount for all vehicular repairs caused by wildlife vehicle collisions is $1.1 billion. Personal injury attorney Ken Christensen urges trucking companies to equip every vehicle in their fleet with grille guards. Doing so would not only save millions of dollars in vehicular damages, but it would prevent amassing many more millions...

2008-07-29 00:00:26

NEW MARKET, Md. - Highway workers used to scrape dead deer off the road and bury them, but now the State Highway Administration turns the carcasses into compost used to help grow roadside grass and wildflowers. Recycling biodegradable material to improve the land along state highways is environmentally friendly and it saves money previously spent on digging graves and buying compost, said Jim Jones, SHA chief facility maintenance officer. SHA got the idea to compost the deer from West...

2008-07-27 18:00:22

By STACI MATLOCK GALISTEO BASIN Paths: Pledge drive nowunder way From spring through fall on Interstate 25 east of Santa Fe and U.S. 285 past Eldorado, there's a frequent, unwelcome wildlife sighting: road kill. Deer, rabbits, bear and coyotes risk their lives when they try to leap, scamper, lumber and run across busy roads to reach water, new range or better forage. A partnership made up of nonprofit groups, government agencies and landowners are working on a wildlife corridor to...

2006-07-16 09:12:18

By Deborah Zabarenko CAPE CANAVERAL (Reuters) - Alligators, manatees and vultures share Kennedy Space Center with space shuttle Discovery, so for more than 40 years NASA has had to adjust to launching rockets in the middle of a national wildlife refuge. NASA has redesigned its boats to protect manatees, painted gravel to fend off terns and shielded sea turtles from launch pad lights. Most recently, it has tackled vultures with the Roadkill Roundup. This effort to remove animal...

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