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2008-10-01 06:30:00

By Randy McMullen New court papers released Tuesday on the custody case between Sharon Stone and Phil Bronstein over their son Roan indicates the judge was concerned that Stone occasionally appeared to be -- how can we say this delicately? -- lacking in good judgment. The "Tentative Statement of Decision" papers released by the Superior Court of San Francisco show the judge, who was not identified in news reports Tuesday, based his decision to award primary physical custody of Roan to...

2008-08-15 09:00:38

The anticipated boom from new energy leases on the Roan Plateau wasn't entirely a bust. That said, any visions of Colorado reaping a billion-dollar windfall in the near future from bonus payments were dashed when the final tally in Thursday's Bureau of Land Management auction reached only $114 million. Colorado will split revenues with the federal government, leaving the state with less than $60 million from the auction - but only after thousands of protests against drilling are resolved....

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Hokkaido Pony
2014-04-17 11:01:25

The Hokkaido Pony is a breed of pony native to Japan. It is an old breed but very rare. It is most likely a descendent of the now extinct Nanbu, a military horse, but no confirmation of this exists. It is believed that the Hokkaido Pony was transported from Honshu by fishermen in the spring months between 1600 and 1800. The ponies were left in Hokkaido when the fishermen returned to Honshu in the fall. The fishermen would return in the spring with new ponies and also use the surviving...

Dales Pony
2014-04-12 10:43:28

The Dales Pony is a native pony breed from the United Kingdom. Remains of the Dales Pony have been found dating back to Roman times during an archaeological dig in 2009 behind the Black Bull Inn. Warriors were believed to ride this breed during wars of that era. The Dales Pony was also believed to be used for mining during the same time. Richard Scrope, Chancellor of England during that era, owned a lead mine and used ponies to carry the iron ore, fuel and finished lead. Trains of around...

2008-05-22 18:26:48

The English Cocker Spaniel is a hunting dog, used to drive game toward the guns. This breed has been around for over 500 years. During the mid 1800s, several types of dogs were classified as Cockers; however the breeds were reclassified later in the late 1800s once breed standards were developed. There are two types of Cocker Spaniel, the American and the English. These were shown together until 1936, when the English Cocker received status as a separate breed. The two somewhat resemble each...

2007-12-18 11:10:06

The American Cocker Spaniel originated in the UK and was established as a separate breed from the English Cocker Spaniel in the 1900s. It is a sporting breed used to scare animals out into the open for their masters to shoot. The Cocker weighs between 18 and 28 pounds and stands around 15 inches high. The American Cocker Spaniel has a feathered, silky coat and dropped ears (the hair on which should be kept clipped to reduce ear infections). The signature trait is the Cocker's expressive...

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