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2008-09-18 03:00:19

By Chris Craft I applaud the past Roanoke City School Board for looking outside the box as far as the hiring of a new school superintendent last year. When it hired Rita Bishop, it did one of the greatest things it has done in years. Bishop is a former Roanoker and Roanoke city school employee.

2008-09-18 03:00:08

By Duncan Adams duncan.adams@roanoke.com 981-3324 Optical Cable Corp.'s acquisition of SMP Data Communications in May had mixed effects on the fiber optic cable manufacturer's third- quarter results, which included a jump in net sales and gross profit but a drop in net income for the Roanoke County-based company.

2008-09-17 03:00:22

By Shanna Flowers shanna.flowers@roanoke.com 981-3220 In June, thousands of Roanoke-area high school seniors adorned themselves in colorful caps and gowns and reveled in the pageantry of pomp and circumstance.

2008-09-11 03:00:20

By David Harrison david.harrison@roanoke.com 777-3523 It's that time of year again. The time when schools that have not met federal standards for two straight years have to offer parents a chance to pull their children out and to place them in another school that has fared better on state tests.

2008-09-09 03:00:14

By Mark Taylor mark.taylor@roanoke.com 981-3395 Easing stealthily up to the hole, pro angler John Crews put his plan into action. Crews had his eyes on a couple of two- to three-pound bass that he'd spotted in the area. The bass had proven tough. So Crews had to get tougher.

2008-09-09 03:00:12

By Rob Johnson rob.johnson@roanoke.com 981-3234 A Lexington-area church will celebrate a total of 250 years of worship on Sept. 14. Oxford Presbyterian Church's pastor, the Rev. Horace Douty, said that church doors will open at 9:30 a.m.

2008-09-06 03:00:20

By Cathy Benson Adequate Yearly Progress, also called "No Child Left Behind" results, are in from the Virginia Department of Education and Botetourt County as a school division and all schools except Central Academy have passed the muster.

2008-09-05 03:00:25

By Jeff Sturgeon jeff.sturgeon@roanoke.com 981-3251 State regulators preparing to open hearings this month have received 2,000 comments on a proposal to raise electrical rates in Western Virginia.

2008-09-03 03:00:20

By Laurence Hammack and Mason Adams The Roanoke Times l aurence.hammack@roanoke.com 981-3239 m ason.adams@roanoke.com 981- 3253 A Roanoke judge is being asked to decide the latest dispute arising from the controversial closing of Forest Park Elementary School.

2008-09-03 03:00:20

The Virginia Department of Education last week released annual statistics that judge whether schools made adequate yearly progress in teaching reading and math. The results were exactly as expected: Suburban schools with mostly white, middle-class students performed well on state tests.

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