Latest Roberto Fernández Galán Stories

2013-04-18 13:34:50

Measure of brains' functional connectivity and background noise shows significant differences Neuroscientists from Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine and the University of Toronto have developed an efficient and reliable method of analyzing brain activity to detect autism in children. Their findings appear today in the online journal PLOS ONE. The researchers recorded and analyzed dynamic patterns of brain activity with magnetoencephalography (MEG) to determine the...

2011-10-14 20:39:27

Computer programs used to reveal findings now available free Virtual brains modeling epilepsy and schizophrenia display less complexity among functional connections, and other differences compared to healthy brain models, researchers at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine report. The researchers worked backward from brain rhythms — the oscillating patterns of electrical activity in the brain recorded on electroencephalograms - from both healthy and ill individuals....

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