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New Roomba Lets You Live Like A King…A King With A Remote That Is
2012-06-19 13:10:25

Michael Harper for redOrbit.com It´s a bold new age. Gone are the backwards days where we are asked to perform our own chores and housework. We once had to be in our homes to receive a phone call. That´s silly talk! We once even had to get up and flip the record if we wanted the music to continue. Poppycock! There was even a time when the only game available on our cell phones was Snake. We lived like barbarians! Our world is a more civilized, refined place these days....

2009-09-18 10:13:53

TECNALIA Technological Corporation has introduced innovative robots at Euskotren's station in Atxuri (Bilbao) and which are mobile, multifunctional, collaborative, autonomous and polyvalent, suitable for a wide range of work from street cleaning and rubbish collection to accompanying elderly people. This new generation of robots is part of the European DUSTBOT research project under the remit of the VI European Framework Program and in which TECNALIA is participating. These latest generation...

2006-01-17 07:08:07

NASA -- Will robots one day rule the world? For decades this notion has both fascinated and terrified humans, our hungry imagination fed by Hollywood blockbusters and sci-fi novels. Now a new generation of robots promises a breakthrough in the world of Artificial Intelligence as they become capable of cognitive thought processes. The 2005 Fourth British Computer Society's Annual Prize for Progress towards Machine Intelligence sponsored by Electrolux has been won by IFOMIND, a mobile robot...

2005-05-30 08:30:00

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. -- Watching the original "Star Wars" movie as a mathematically inclined 11-year-old, Helen Greiner dreamed of someday creating a robot like the heroic R2-D2. After enduring plenty of lean years chasing that elusive vision as a co-founder of iRobot Corp., Greiner can now boast a product that whirs and chirps much like the character she to this day calls her "personal hero." The Roomba vacuum cleaner may be incapable of fixing an X-wing fighter like Luke Skywalker's trusty...

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