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2013-05-21 23:03:20

Program geared to engineers, computer scientists currently working in the robotics field; first course to start in the fall of 2013 Worcester, Mass. (PRWEB) May 21, 2013 Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) today announced that it has launched an online, part-time master´s program in Robotics Engineering, making it among the first colleges in the country to offer such a program. The program will be primarily focused toward professionals such as engineers and computer scientists who...

Robot Accepts Gift From Human Hand With Help Of Motion Capture
2013-05-20 15:21:31

Lee Rannals for redOrbit.com — Your Universe Online Scientists at Disney Research and the Interactive Systems Lab of Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) and Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) say they've taken human-to-robot hand-off motion to the next level. Researchers have had a difficult time developing a robot that is able to recognize when a person is handing them something and predicting where to make the hand-off. However, the team from Disney and KIT will be presenting...

2013-05-19 23:02:54

Da Vinci Robot Lawsuit Trial Underway in Washington State is Nation´s First Involving Allegations of Da Vinci Robotic Surgery Complications. Columbus, OH (PRWEB) May 19, 2013 The Da Vinci robot lawyers at Wright & Schulte LLC continue to follow developments in the nation´s first trial involving a Da Vinci surgical robot lawsuit. The case, underway in Washington State Superior Court, was filed by the widow of a man who died several years after he suffered complications in a...

2013-05-11 23:04:42

Two leading open-source robotics firms join forces to build the robot future Stuttgart, Germany (PRWEB) May 11, 2013 This weekend, at the opening of ROSCon 2013, Falkor Systems, Inc., the developers of the autonomous flying pet drone, and I Heart Engineering, TurtleBot manufacturer and open source robotics research center, will announce the merger of the two companies. The new company will build on both company's work in robotics to develop innovative robotics solutions using open source...

2013-05-09 23:47:56

Position sensors allow humanoid robot to move and respond like a child. Southington, CT (PRWEB) May 08, 2013 Motion experts at The Baumer Group began working closely with scholars from the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (AI Lab) at the University of Zurich In June of 2012 to design and create the first humanoid robot that moves, acts and responds like a human being. Nine months later, “Roboy” was born and introduced to the world at Robots on Tour in Zurich, Switzerland, on...

New Robot Can Discover Objects
2013-05-06 15:54:50

Lee Rannals for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online A robot developed by scientists at Carnegie Mellon University's (CMU) Robotics Institute is able to analyze and learn about new objects. Researchers developed a two-armed mobile robot called HERB that can ℠discover´ more than 100 objects in a home-like laboratory, including items like computer monitors and plants. Robots are typically designed with objects already preprogrammed into their software, so creating one that can...

2013-05-04 23:03:44

Coral reefs support around half a billion people, but are severely threatened; the Coralbots team plan to revolutionize how such threats are tackled, by using teams of autonomous underwater robots. The Coralbots Kickstarter campaign (closing May 26th) is reaching out to individuals and corporations who wish to make a lasting positive impact on the marine environment, and now offering ways for backers to be directly involved in the project. Edinburgh, UK (PRWEB) May 04, 2013 The ocean is...

Latest Robotics Reference Libraries

2013-10-03 12:56:31

The Roomba, sold by iRobot, is a name used for a series of autonomous robot vacuum cleaners that were first introduced into the market it 2002. There have been four versions or generations of Roomba since its creation, with over eight million sales throughout the world. It is capable of moving on its own and avoiding obstacles that are present in the average household, as well as capable of avoiding stairs and other drop offs. It is equipped with a computer chip and the Roomba Open Interface,...

2013-09-24 16:10:08

A ballbot is a mobile robot that moves and balances on one wheel. It is dynamically stable and capable of a larger range of movement than other types of robots, because it can maneuver better in tighter spaces. It runs on the same principles as those of an inverted pendulum, It is thought that this robot could make great personal or service robots in the future. Currently, ballbot robots can only traverse smooth surfaces, but it is thought that models could be easily adapted to move on rough...

2013-09-24 14:14:28

An android, also known as a synthetic organism, is a robot designed to look like a human, with emphasis on realistic skin and movement. The name “android” has been used in science fiction stories in many different ways. The Oxford English Dictionary found that the earliest use of the word Android was most likely in Ephraim Chambers' Cyclopaedia, which referred to St. Albertus Magnus’s alleged automaton as Androides. In US patents, the term first appears in 1863 referring to small...

The History Of Robotics
2013-09-08 10:48:36

Robotics is a branch of technology that deals with the design, construction, operation and application of robots and autonomous systems, as well as the computer systems that power such devices, including control, sensory feedback and information processing. Robots are typically designed as automated machines that can take the place of humans. Most robotic machines can be seen in manufacturing lines, such as widely used in the auto industry. Robots are also utilized to replace humans in...

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