Latest Rockefeller University Stories

2009-04-16 07:39:43

The parasite Trypanosoma brucei, which causes African sleeping sickness, is like a thief donning a disguise. Every time the host's immune cells get close to destroying the parasite

2009-04-04 10:09:59

Ask a simple question, get a simple answer: When Abraham Lincoln was asked how long a man’s legs should be, he absurdly replied, “Long enough to reach the ground.”

2009-03-15 15:58:47

For 25 years, researchers have tried and failed to develop an HIV vaccine, primarily by focusing on a small number of engineered "super antibodies" to fend off the virus before it takes hold.

2009-02-26 09:20:28

It takes weeks or months for the effect of most antidepressants to kick in, time that can feel like an eternity to those who need the drugs the most.

2009-02-26 09:12:22

A simple model explains how the locust brain encodes turbulent plumes of odors.

2009-01-29 12:08:31

During its career, the potentially fatal hepatitis C virus has banked its success on a rather unusual strategy: its limitations.

2009-01-28 09:14:39

A new neuroimaging study on stressed-out students suggests that male humans, like male rats, don’t do their most agile thinking under stress.

2008-11-17 15:15:00

New research from Rockefeller University suggests that pregnant women who consume high-fat diets may cause changes in their developing fetus’ brain that could lead to obesity early in the child’s life.

2008-11-13 09:45:19

Mothers who eat a high-fat diet during pregnancy may increase the likelihood of their child being overweight.

2008-10-10 10:00:00

Nobel Prize winner George E. Palade, who helped give birth to the field of modern cell biology, has died at his home in Del Mar, Calif. He was 95. Palade died Tuesday of complications of Parkinson's disease, his wife, Marilyn Farquhar, said.

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