Latest Rod cell Stories

2011-09-22 12:07:06

After more than three decades of research, University of Pennsylvania veterinarians and vision-research scientists, with associates at Cornell University, have identified a gene responsible for a blindness-inducing disease that afflicts dogs.

2011-06-09 23:50:49

On rare occasion, the light-sensing photoreceptor cells in the eye misfire and signal to the brain as if they have captured photons, when in reality they haven't.

2011-05-04 09:25:00

The human eye long ago solved a problem common to both digital and film cameras: how to get good contrast in an image while also capturing faint detail.

2010-02-16 09:40:00

Researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St Louis have peered deep into the eye of the chicken and found a masterpiece of biological design.

2009-10-13 15:11:30

Ever wonder how your eyes adjust during a blackout? When we go from light to near total darkness, cells in the retina must quickly adjust. Vision scientists at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis have identified an intricate process that allows the human eye to adapt to darkness very quickly. The same process also allows the eye to function in bright light.

2009-04-16 15:22:05

German-led scientists say they have discovered an important element of DNA that creates good night vision in nocturnal mammals. Ludwig-Maximilians University researchers in Munich said they discovered the DNA within the photoreceptor rod cells responsible for low light vision turns the rod cell nuclei themselves into tiny light-collecting lenses, with millions of them in every nocturnal eye. The conventional architecture seen in almost all nuclei is invariably present in the rod cells of...

2009-01-01 10:25:09

A team of Johns Hopkins neuroscientists has worked out how some newly discovered light sensors in the eye detect light and communicate with the brain.

2008-08-22 17:11:34

The Olympic athletes have been parading around like fashionistas in an array of colorful outfits, and we, their adoring public, can't resist commenting on the style and color of their high-end athletic wear.

2006-10-06 08:30:00

Not so long ago, before electric lights, farmers relied on moonlight to harvest autumn crops. With everything ripening at once, there was too much work to to do to stop at sundown. A bright full moon -- a "Harvest Moon" -- allowed work to continue into the night.

2005-07-12 01:45:00

Johns Hopkins scientists have uncovered new details of how smelly things create signals in the nose that eventually go to the brain. The findings raise issues about how the process involved has been described for many years in biology textbooks.

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