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2008-08-22 09:05:00

The European Space Agency is about to launch the most sophisticated mission ever to investigate the Earth’s gravitational field and to map the reference shape of our planet – the geoid - with unprecedented resolution and accuracy.

2008-08-15 11:50:00

The Mission Control Team at ESA's Space Operations Centre (ESOC) are in intense training for next month's scheduled launch of GOCE.

2008-05-27 12:56:31

A new launch date has been set for GOCE. The change of date is due to precautionary measures taken after the malfunction of an upper-stage section of a Russian Proton launcher. Now confirmed not to affect GOCE's Rockot launcher, the most advanced gravity mission to date is scheduled for lift-off on September 10 2008.

2005-12-06 12:50:00

Europe plans to spend more on fundamental space research, start a new earth monitoring project and use European-built launchers in all its missions, European Space Agency (ESA) officials said on Tuesday.

2005-12-05 14:55:04

Russia's space agency said Monday it had postponed by one day the launch of a U.S communications satellite because of a problem in a booster rocket's control systems, news agencies reported.

2005-10-31 14:15:28

Russian space officials Monday set a Nov. 9 blastoff for a European probe to explore Venus after its earlier launch was postponed because of a booster rocket problem.

2005-10-28 18:23:02

A Russian satellite has failed to reach its designated orbit, news reports said Friday in the latest is a series of mishaps that have dented the prestige of the country's space program.

2005-10-09 19:18:20

Russia suspended launches of a rocket used in a failed mission to put a European satellite into orbit to map polar ice, news reports Sunday said.

2005-10-08 13:46:03

MOSCOW (Reuters) - A European satellite designed to measure how fast the polar ice caps are melting crashed into the Arctic Ocean after its launch went wrong, the Russian agency that launched it was quoted as saying on Saturday.

2005-10-07 07:20:00

The expectations of ice researchers across Europe are currently focused on a region of taiga woodland in Russia's far north. Located in a forest clearing is Pad LC133 of Plesetsk Cosmodrome, where above the tree-line on a Rockot launcher stands ESA's CryoSat satellite, due to start its flight into orbit this Saturday at 17:02 CEST.

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