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2009-07-15 16:08:10

A man who made headlines by stealing coins from Rome's famous Trevi Fountain has been arrested three times for climbing the landmark and threatening suicide. The fountain was closed to tourists Monday after Roberto Cancelletto, 57, who was nicknamed D'Artagnan by newspapers during his 30-year career of taking coins from the fountain with a sword-like magnet, climbed to the top of the landmark, cut his stomach with a razor blade and threatened suicide while lamenting his lack of employment,...

2009-04-27 16:00:12

A man received an eight-month suspended jail sentence Monday for rolling a half million or so colored balls down Rome's famed Spanish Steps. Graziano Cecchini, 54, was convicted of disrupting bus services with his January 2008 stunt, which he described as a protest against dishonest politicians of all parties, ANSA reported Monday. Cecchini criticized the outcome of his trial, the Italian news agency said. What sort of interruption of service could there possibly have been? The Piazza di...

2009-04-20 18:52:49

Thousands of padlocks bearing the initials of lovers were removed Monday from the rails of a church facing Rome's Trevi Fountain, workmen said. The two workmen used bolt cutters to remove the locks and said the items were destined for the trash dump, ANSA reported Monday. The custom of young couples marking love locks with dates and their initials was inspired by the 2003 book and film, Three Meters above the Sky, ANSA said.

2006-04-20 17:58:09

By Rachel Sanderson VATICAN CITY (Reuters) - Michelangelo designed its dome and Bernini created its columns, but St Peter's Basilica has the modern age to thank for the chewing gum stuck to its floors and the graffiti marring its walls.

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