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2006-07-20 13:26:22

By Scott Malone BOSTON (Reuters) - Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney shut down a busy tunnel in Boston's "Big Dig" highway system on Thursday, deepening concern over the project's safety after a fatal ceiling collapse in a separate tunnel last week. Romney closed the eastbound lanes of the Ted Williams tunnel, which had been open only to buses and emergency vehicles after a ceiling collapse last week that crushed a car and killed a motorist. "We need to close this section of tunnel...

2006-01-19 11:33:49

By Amanda Cooper NEW YORK (Reuters) - Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney on Wednesday said he will set aside $200 million for healthcare reform while cutting income taxes and raising state education aid to its highest level ever. In his "State of the Commonwealth" address, the Republican governor said the regional economy remained "resilient, robust and strong." Romney said revenues for 2006 were expected to come in $1.0 billion above the budget and flagged health care, education, job...

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2014-10-27 10:40:05

The Perendale is a breed of domestic sheep that was developed in New Zealand at Massey University, formerly known as Massey Agricultural College. The breed was developed by crossbreeding Cheviot rams with Romney ewes for use in hilly areas and was named after Sir Geoffrey Peren. It has declined in population since the 1980’s due to the decrease in farming in the hill country and in the demand for medium-coarse quality wool. The Perendale varies in weight depending upon the sex, with rams...

Coopworth Sheep
2014-09-24 07:34:54

The Coopworth sheep is a breed of domestic sheep that was developed in New Zealand during the twentieth century. A group of researchers working at Lincoln University began studying the Border Leicester crossbreed, and later the Romney -Border Leicester crossbreed, in hopes of developing ewes that would have a higher reproduction rate. Early results showed some promise, with an increase in lambing of up to thirty percent, which caused the researchers to question whether Border Leicester...

2014-09-22 08:03:38

The Romeldale, also known as the California variegated mutant or CVM, is a breed of domestic sheep that originated in the United States. Its name refers to the breeds that were used in its development, known as the Rambouillet and the Romney, while the term CVM is used to refer to derivative individuals that hold a rare coloration. This breed was developed by A.T. Spencer during the twentieth century. Spencer crossbred Romney rams with his Rambouillet ewes in order to produce a breed that had...

2007-07-16 14:25:09

The Domestic Sheep, Ovis aries, is the most common species of the sheep genus (Ovis). It is a woolly ruminant quadruped which most likely descends from the wild mouflon of South Asia. Sheep breeders refer to female sheep as ewes, intact males as rams, and castrated males as wethers. Yearlings are called hoggets and young sheep are called lambs. Domestic Sheep are now found all over the world, but they are declining in numbers in the U.S. because it is becoming economically unviable to raise...

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