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2014-04-03 08:30:01

Joins Renowned Academic Scientists Charles Sawyers, Jose Baselga and Ronald Evans SAN DIEGO, April 3, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Seragon Pharmaceuticals Inc., a clinical-stage biotechnology company focused on the development of drugs for hormone-driven cancers, today announced the expansion of the company's Clinical and Scientific Advisory Board (CSAB) and the appointment of Debasish Roychowdhury, M.D., who will serve as Seragon's Acting Chief Medical Officer....

2008-08-01 18:00:04

By MIKE SWAIN SCIENCE EDITOR IT'S the breakthrough couch potatoes have been praying for. Scientists have come up with a drug that mimics the effects of exercise - and it's already in advanced trials. Known as Aicar, it and a related drug - which boosts the benefits of exercising - are causing such a stir officials are racing to devise a test for them ahead of the Beijing Olympics. Professor Ronald Evans, of the Howard Hughes medical Institute and author of a study in the journal...

2008-08-01 09:00:09

By ALAN ZAREMBO By Alan Zarembo Los Angeles Times Scientists have discovered what could be the ultimate workout for couch potatoes: exercise in a pill. In experiments on mice that did no exercise, the chemical compound, known as AICAR, allowed them to run 44 percent farther on a treadmill than those that did not receive the drug. The drug, according to the researchers, changed the physical composition of muscle, essentially transforming the tissue from sugar-burning fast-twitch...

2008-08-01 00:01:00

By Jeremy Laurance; Amol Rajan Beijing OLYMPICS 2008 A new threat to the Beijing Olympics has emerged in the shape of two new undetectable drugs that could boost the performance of endurance athletes by a medal-winning margin. Scientists warned that the pills, which mimic the physiological effects of exercise, are already available and can be easily synthesised, but there is no existing test to reveal their presence. UK Sport, the government-funded agency, said yesterday's revelation...

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Ronald Evans Jr.
2012-10-25 11:30:42

Ronald Ellwin Evans, Jr. was an astronaut that worked with NASA on the Apollo missions and served as a Captain in the United States Navy. Evans is one of the twenty-four astronauts to fly to the moon. . Evans was born on November 10, 1933 in St. Francis, Kansas. He graduated from Highland Park High School in Topeka, Kansas. Boy Scouts of America played a huge role in Evans youth as he attained the highest level of Life Scout. Evans then went on to study at the University of Kansas...

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