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NASA Trims Down Curiosity's Landing Strip
2012-06-11 13:28:34

Lee Rannals for redOrbit.com NASA has trimmed down the distance that its new Mars rover will have to drive by getting Curiosity closer to its target spot after landing. The space agency announced on Monday that it has cut down the distance the car-sized rover will drive by almost half. The new landing spot gets Curiosity closer to the foot of a mountain slope that poses a landing hazard, while at the same time getting the rover months ahead of schedule for arrival at the mountain....

Tumbleweed Inspires Next Generation Mars Rover Design
2012-05-23 13:35:48

Lee Rannals for RedOrbit.com North Carolina State University researchers are proposing that a wind-driven "tumbleweed" Mars rover would be capable of moving across the Red Planet's rocky terrain. The scientists developed a computer model to determine how varying the diameter and mass of a tumbleweed rover would affect its speed and ability to avoid getting stuck in Martian rock fields, which are common on the surface of the planet. “We found that, in general, the larger the...

Opportunity Rover Catches Stunning Image Of Endeavour Crater
2012-05-23 03:53:01

Like a tourist waiting for just the right lighting to snap a favorite shot during a stay at the Grand Canyon, NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity has used a low sun angle for a memorable view of a large Martian crater. The resulting view catches a shadow of the rover in the foreground and the giant basin in the distance. Opportunity is perched on the western rim of Endeavour Crater looking eastward. The crater spans about 14 miles (22 kilometers) in diameter. Opportunity has been...

2012-05-19 23:13:22

Land Rover Roaring Fork of Glenwood Springs, CO is offering Land Rover´s flagship luxury SUVs, the award-winning Range Rover and Land Rover LR4, for lease at unprecedented low monthly prices. Glenwood Springs, CO (PRWEB) May 18, 2012 Land Rover Roaring Fork is proud to provide sales and service of the iconic Range Rover and the versatile Land Rover LR4, both winners of prestigious 2012 automotive awards. The Colorado dealership is currently offering the Range Rover for the lowest...

All I Want For Christmas: Husky A200 Unmanned All-terrain Vehicle
2012-05-17 05:49:54

[ Watch the Video ] Lee Rannals for RedOrbit.com Having the "latest-and-greatest" disease has both advantages and disadvantages.  It´s a diagnosis with symptoms like keeping up to date with the newest technology, but filled with bad spells like desiring a cool gadget you can't afford. So given the state of my condition, attending the 2012 International Conference on Robotics and Automation doesn't exactly play out the best-case scenarios. Next on my bucket list of...

NASA Test Drives Rover To Prepare For Mars Exploration
2012-05-16 03:33:42

Members from NASA's Mars Science Laboratory mission preformed a “test drive” of the Mars rover in Dumont Dunes in California's Mojave Desert last week. The test rover, similar to the rover Curiosity that is currently on its way to land on Mars in August, will expand understanding of the optimum method of controlling Curiosity when it is ready to explore Mars. Equipped with the same version of Curiosity´s mobility system, almost everything else on the test rover was removed...

Terraforming Landscape For A Robotic Rover
2012-05-07 08:25:24

Challenged to design a background for a small rover controlled from space, students in Germany have delivered a futuristic cityscape. The cool space art will be seen by astronauts in orbit via the rover´s camera eye as they remotely control their avatar later this year. The ultimate goal is for robot astronauts to roam around hazardous places like Mars and asteroids guided by human controllers safely orbiting overhead in their spacecraft. As a first step, ESA is linking the...

Less Than 100 Days Remain Until Curiosity Lands On Mars
2012-04-29 04:23:14

The NASA Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) and the Curiosity rover are now less than 100 days away from landing on the surface of the Red Planet, officials at the US space agency announced on Friday. The one-ton Curiosity and the craft ferrying it to Mars reached the T-minus 100 day mark at 10:31pm PDT on Friday, officials at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, California said over the weekend. At that time, it was approximately 119 million miles from its destination, travelling...

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