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Unique Leg Bone Structure Helps Keep Giraffes On Their Feet
2014-07-04 07:49:38

Alan McStravick and Gerard LeBlond for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online As one of the largest purveyors of children's games and toys, Toys 'Я' Us saw the value in choosing one of the more uniquely designed creatures in the animal kingdom, the giraffe, as their spokesanimal. Noted for long legs and a long neck, the giraffe is the tallest land dwelling animal on Earth and it's different but docile appearance has long piqued the attentions of children worldwide. Now it appears the...

2012-05-24 19:20:53

Lee Rannals for RedOrbit.com Scientists say that the 360-million-year-old animal that was first to have moved around on land did not do so using four legs. Images have shown that Ichthyostega walked on land similar to how a salamander walks around today, but 3D computer models have led scientists to disagree. According to a study published in the journal Nature, Ichthyostega would have actually transported from water using its front limbs as crutches. The animal lived during the...

Researcher Re-Discover Elephant’s Long-Lost Sixth Toe
2011-12-23 13:02:40

London´s Royal Veterinary College has recently re-corrected a long-standing error in elephant anatomy. According to a study recently published in the science journal Science, elephants have a sixth toe, a previously unknown and underrated digit that is critical in helping the enormous mammals ambulate. Ironically, when the first detailed study of an elephant cadaver was carried out over 300 years ago by the Scottish physician Patrick Blair, he wrote in his notes that the massive...

T Rex Bigger Than Previously Thought
2011-10-13 13:21:31

Researchers said on Wednesday that the Tyrannosaurus rex grew faster and weighed more than previously thought. British and U.S. scientists used three-dimensional laser scans and computer modeling to "weigh" five T. rex specimens, including Chicago Field Museum's famous "Sue". "These models range from the severely undernourished through the overly obese, but they are purposely chosen extremes that bound biologically realistic values" study co-author Dr. Vivian Allen of the Royal...

2011-03-10 11:31:52

A team of researchers from the Royal Veterinary College in London, the University of Idaho, the University of Queensland, and the University of Western Australia are attempting to uncover the precise details of how kangaroos bounce. "The team is interested in trying to understand how the group of kangaroos change their body posture and hopping mechanics with body size," explained Craig McGowan of the University of Idaho. Researchers were loaned a novel motion capture system from the firm...

2010-03-31 05:22:49

Scientists said on Tuesday that elephants' legs work like a four-wheel drive vehicle, making them unique in the animal kingdom. Their "four-leg-drive" system works by applying power independently to each limb. All other four-legged animals are thought to use their hind legs for acceleration and their front legs for braking. "We have developed some new techniques for looking at animal movement that may change the way that we view the locomotion of other animals," said study leader John...

2008-07-07 09:40:00

Since earliest recorded history, and presumably beyond, humans have always wanted to fly. First attempts involved imitation of winged creatures around them, and unfailingly ended in disaster. No workable flying machines have ever looked particularly similar to nature's fliers, and today there is little comparison between a top of the range military chopper and the humble bumblebee, despite similar flight patterns. In an era in which engineers are increasingly exploiting designs from nature,...

2008-07-01 12:34:56

Pregnant or breastfeeding mothers who regularly eat processed fatty foods could be putting their child at an increased risk of developing long-lasting health conditions, according to recent research involving animals. Researchers with the Royal Veterinary College and London's Wellcome Trust studied a group of rats and their offspring after being fed processed foods. They noted a higher level of fat in their bloodstream and around major organs during adolescence. Published in The Journal of...

2005-10-25 19:20:00

Scientists have developed a technique which can be used to reveal the strength of bones, allowing doctors to more accurately estimate the risk of bone fracture. According to research published online in the Journal of Bone Mineral Research, scientists have developed a laser imaging technique which can more fully assess the strength of bones, a technique the scientists hope can be used to predict the likelihood of young women developing osteoporosis in later life. Dr Edward Draper of...

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