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Latest Rudeness Stories

2014-03-26 23:31:35

Many parents struggle with how to handle the problem of rude children. Licensed clinical psychologist, Dr. Joanne J. Wendt, explains some of the main causes of rude behavior, and offers her top five suggestions on how parents can prevent and deal with this behavioral problem. San Diego, CA (PRWEB) March 26, 2014 Dr. Joanne J. Wendt, a licensed San Diego clinical psychologist specializing in marriage and family therapy, sees many families in her private practice who are struggling with how...

2011-10-12 10:05:05

Your friend debuts a questionable haircut and asks what you think of it. Brutal honesty would definitely hurt his feelings, so what do you say? Most people in this situation would probably opt for a vague or evasive response, along the lines of “It´s really unique!” or “It´s so you!” Politeness helps us get through awkward social situations like these and makes it easier for us to maintain our relationships. But a new article published in the October issue of...