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2007-10-26 13:26:59

The Ruff (Philomachus pugnax), is a medium-sized wading bird. It is usually considered the only member of its genus Philomachus, but more recent research indicates that the Broad-billed and Sharp-tailed Sandpiper may belong there too. Their breeding habitat is bogs, marshes and wet meadows with short vegetation in northern Europe and Russia. The Ruff is migratory, wintering in southern and...

Red-shanked Douc
2007-01-02 10:37:45

The red-shanked douc (Pygathrix nemaeus) is a species of Old World monkey and probably the most colorful of mammals. This colorful and attractive primate is sometimes called the "costumed ape" for its extravagant appearance. This colorful monkey looks like a little Buddha, wearing a gray shirt and black shorts. It has sports maroon-red stockings and white forearm length gloves. Its attire is...

Ruffed Grouse
2005-06-02 09:46:57

The Ruffed Grouse (Bonasa umbellus) is a medium-sized grouse with two distinct color phases, grey and red. In the grey phase, adults have a long square brownish tail with barring and a black band near the end. The head, neck and back are grey-brown; they have a light breast with barring. The ruffs are located on the sides of the neck. The female is smaller with less obvious ruffs and a shorter...

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