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2008-10-20 09:00:28

Russell Industries, Inc. (Pink Sheets:RUSL), recently the Company has been asked by the general investor public, "Why should I invest in uranium?" To follow are a few of the reasons: "The uranium shortage began in 1985, the year when uranium consumption leveled off, and supply equaled demand. Large production of uranium had ended post cold war as nuclear arms production was suspended." (Source: Investor Trip) "But in 1993, the United States signed an agreement with Russia to feed U.S....

2008-10-16 09:00:31

Russell Industries, Inc. (Pink Sheets:RUSL), recently the Company has been asked by the general investor public, "Why should I invest in Uranium"? To follow are a few of the reasons as published in Money Week, October 7, 2007. "Security concerns over global oil supply and fears of global warming have shifted public opinion," say analysts at Canada's Haywood Securities, "with nuclear energy becoming an acceptable option again." "Uranium in its enriched form is the fuel of nuclear power...

2008-10-14 09:00:31

Russell Industries, Inc. (Pink Sheets:RUSL), is actively seeking leasing and joint venture partners to work its 255 Unpatented Uranium and Vanadium Mining Claims located in San Juan County, Utah. "For the foreseeable future demand for uranium will grow far faster than the present world production. The successful nuclear power initiatives enjoyed by France and Japan are forcing other countries to evaluate their present dependence on coal and petroleum and their subsequent harmful environmental...

2008-10-13 09:00:34

Russell Industries, Inc. (Pink Sheets:RUSL), finds itself in a unique situation in the midst of the current U.S. economic and political climate. The Company carries no long-term debt, excess inventory, trade debt and vendor obligations, which separates it from the multitude of U.S. companies that are not able to move forward because the present credit crisis is keeping them at a stand still and in many cases forces downsizing or worse. Russell Industries has acquired 255 unpatented uranium...

2008-10-06 15:00:28

Russell Industries, Inc. Rick Berman, +1 832-631-6099 Fax: +1 832-631-6274 irrsds@aol.com Russell Industries, Inc. (Pink Sheets:RUSL), plans to engage a Geologist by year end 2008 to evaluate and review historical data and to deliver a reserve report for its 55 Unpatented Uranium and Vanadium Mining Claims, known as Payday Mining Claims, located in the East Canyon part of the Morrison Formation of San Juan County, Utah. The report is expected to be delivered during mid 2009. The...

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