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2009-05-23 06:55:00

Russia is making preparations to separate its components of the International Space Station (ISS) and fly them away when the rest of the station de-orbits.  A BBC News report cited Russian officials who said they plan to keep their ISS modules in orbit for another ten years. Although ISS partner nations are hopeful they will be able to extend funding for the project beyond the current deadline of 2015, observers agree that most of the ISS will have to be cancelled by 2020. Russia's plans...

2009-04-29 13:35:00

The follow-up spacecraft to Russia's Soyuz capsule may be equipped with rocket thrusters that would aid in landing. According to the BBC, engineers of RKK Energia, Russia's developer of manned spacecraft, are considering plans to use rocket thrusters for spacecraft landing. Previous missions have returned to Earth by use of a parachute or wings. The current method of Russian manned space missions involves the Soyuz capsule, which actually uses small propellers to gently aid in landing, but...

2009-04-07 10:15:00

The federal space agency, Roscosmos, chose RSC Energia on Monday to develop its next-generation Russian manned spacecraft, BBC News reported. The new spacecraft will be able to hold a six-cosmonaut crew in low-Earth orbit. The three-seat Soyuz capsule, which has carried Russian cosmonauts into orbit for more than four decades, will be retired once the new ship is constructed. Energia also built the first Soyuz capsules in the late 1960s. The new ship will also have a variant for missions to...

2009-02-05 19:47:27

Russia's leading spacecraft maker RSC Energia said an agreement has been reached to continue using the International Space Station until 2020. Vitaly Lopota, president of the company, said Russia, the United States, Canada, Japan and the European Space Agency have reached a verbal agreement to extend the use of the orbiter, RIA Novosti reported Thursday. Previously, the United States had said ISS missions would end in 2015. Lopota said 39 space launches are planned for this year, up from 27...

2006-12-07 09:02:49

MOSCOW - Rivals for lunar conquest four decades ago, Russia hopes to join the U.S. moon exploration program with technology and know-how, a Russian space agency spokesman said Thursday. Russia was conducting talks with NASA and voiced hope that a deal could be reached within months, said the spokesman, Igor Panarin. "We want the agreement to reflect Russia's status as a great space power," he told The Associated Press, adding that Russia plans to contribute technology rather than money to...

2006-11-10 00:25:00

MOSCOW - Russia plans to cooperate with China in robotic missions to the moon and Mars and other space projects, officials said Thursday. "We have switched from cooperating on technological elements and devices to developing big scientific projects in space research," Yuri Nosenko, a deputy head of Russia's Federal Space Agency, told reporters in a televised hookup from Beijing, where he and other officials were attending a Russian national exhibition. He said the space-related contracts...

2006-04-11 16:45:00

MOSCOW -- Russia's leading space company on Tuesday laid out an ambitious plan to send manned missions to the moon by 2015, build a permanent base to tap its energy resources and dispatch a crew to Mars between 2020 and 2030. The vision presented by Nikolai Sevastyanov, the head of state-controlled RKK Energiya, relies on attracting private investment. But the company's lack of government support calls its feasibility into question. "We believe that we can fly a manned mission landing on the...

2005-08-01 18:59:28

MOSCOW -- As NASA frets over the space shuttle's new troubles, Russian space officials are glowing with pride for their 40-year old workhorse - the cramped but reliable Soyuz spacecraft. When NASA grounded future shuttle flights last week, a senior Russian space official even proposed quickly building several Soyuz vehicles to evacuate the shuttle's crew of seven along with the two-man crew of the international space station in case the Discovery couldn't return. "If we work really...

2004-12-01 07:43:50

MOSCOW (AP) -- Russia's Federal Space Agency and NASA have approved the crew of the next mission to the international space station, a Russian agency spokesman said Tuesday. Russian cosmonaut Sergei Krikalev and NASA astronaut John Phillips, who have both done stints on the orbital station, will be preparing for a launch on a Soyuz spacecraft in April, said Vyacheslav Davidenko. They will replace the station's present occupants, Russian Salizhan Sharipov and American Leroy Chiao, who...

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