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2008-10-04 09:00:12

WANT TO VOLUNTEER? Check out publiclandsday.org/ involved/sites.htm for a list of scheduled events. Our IDEA: Celebrate National Public Lands Day by removing trash, debris; enjoy free entry at federal parks Today is the 15th Annual National Public Lands Day. This is worth noting for two reasons: * First, it's a chance to participate in a volunteer effort to remove trash, plant trees and work on trails. More than 120,000 volunteers are expected to participate at 1,500 sites...

2008-07-20 09:00:24

Our view: Newcomers, longtime desert dwellers must heed nature's warnings Desert dwellers come to love and respect the heavy rains of the monsoon for their beauty, the welcome reprieve they offer from the summer heat and their power. But anyone who has experienced the power of the summer storms also understands the terrible force they can unleash. Monsoon storms can bring obvious damage in downed powerlines or uprooted trees. But their biggest dangers run deeper - and faster. Tucsonans...

2008-07-06 09:00:11

By ANDREA KELLY Planning for the contentious Kolb Road extension to Sabino Canyon Road is scheduled to get under way in the next six months. The project is part of the Regional Transportation Plan, and it involves construction of a new road connecting North Kolb and North Sabino Canyon roads on the city's East Side. The area is divided among people who passionately support the project and those who just as passionately object to it. The connection is designed to alleviate some of the...

2006-10-28 09:00:48

By Tom Beal, ARIZONA DAILY STAR Most of the towering cottonwoods and creekside willows that make Aravaipa Canyon one of Arizona's most gorgeous wilderness hikes are gone. Downstream along Aravaipa Creek, residents are still cleaning up from a double dose of possibly record creek flows that scoured vegetation from the streambed of Aravaipa Creek and flooded homes and ranches at the mouth of its 11-mile wilderness canyon in July and August. Aravaipa Canyon, about 50 miles northeast of...

2005-05-11 07:29:55

PHOENIX (AP) -- Hundreds of endangered Gila chub fish evacuated from Sabino Creek in the wake of a fire that sent erosion and ash into the water were taken home Tuesday. Using nets and an electric-shock device, biologists and volunteers scooped out nearly 1,000 Gila chub from the creek in July 2003 because they were worried the fish could be wiped out by ash and debris. Since then, they've been living and breeding in captivity. But on Tuesday, 550 of the fish were redeposited into three...

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