Latest Saffir–Simpson Hurricane Scale Stories

Study Offers New Way To Predict Hurricane Strength And Destruction
2014-09-17 03:09:17

A new study by Florida State University researchers demonstrates a different way of projecting a hurricane's strength and intensity that could give the public a better idea of a storm's potential for destruction.

2011-08-15 11:55:00

MADISON, Wis., Aug. 15, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- As hurricane season ramps up, MyWeather.com is offering critical information to those at risk of tropical storms and hurricanes by revealing the science behind the storms and by debunking common myths.

2010-09-02 10:06:00

WALTHAM, Mass., Sept. 2 /PRNewswire/ -- Blu Homes, Inc. today announced that its Blu and mkDesigns homes are designed to withstand wind loads of up to 120 mph. The company has now released an extended upgrade option that will withstand 180 mph winds with its specialized reinforced steel structures.

2010-08-05 10:53:07

A Colorado State University study said on Wednesday that the forecast for the 2010 Atlantic hurricane season calls for nine more hurricanes by November.

2010-05-18 13:05:00

KANSAS CITY, Kan., May 18 /PRNewswire/ -- As seasonal severe weather conditions intensify throughout the Midwest, many people wonder how they can protect their homes from hail associated with strong storms.

2010-01-08 14:56:16

It's a good thing that Cyclone Edzani is far away from land and will stay that way this weekend, because it's a powerful cyclone.

2008-09-12 17:03:37

As Hurricane Ike races toward Texas, it is pushing a mound of water in front of it that could inundate parts of the Gulf coast with up to 25 feet of water.

2006-08-24 09:05:00

With solid concrete walls and roofs and laminated glass windows protected by storm shutters, a house can be built to withstand nearly any hurricane. But very few are. It costs too much.

2005-12-21 14:30:00

Hurricane Katrina was weaker than previously thought when it came ashore near New Orleans on August 29 and smashed the levees protecting the city from floodwaters, U.S. forecasters said.

2005-10-18 10:31:09

NEW YORK (Reuters) - All seven major weather models predicted Hurricane Wilma, the 12th hurricane of the season, could strengthen into a Category 3 storm before entering the Gulf of Mexico and heading for Florida's Gulf Coast later this week.

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