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2006-04-07 06:14:24

SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- Federal regulators voted Thursday to severely restrict salmon fishing off the coasts of Oregon and Northern California this summer to protect dwindling populations in the Klamath River. The Pacific Fishery Management Council decided to close most of the 700 miles of coastline to commercial salmon fishing for much of May, June and July, the most productive months of the season, which runs from April-October. Federal fishery officials said the closures were the broadest...

2006-02-22 19:11:08

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Environmentalists asked U.S. regulators on Wednesday to investigate what they claim are misleading advertisements touting the health benefits of salmon for pregnant women. The Washington, D.C.-based group Pure Salmon Campaign said it petitioned the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to look into a salmon farmer trade group ad that made the claims in the New York Times Sunday Magazine in November. A spokeswoman for the FTC said the agency had received the petition,...

2006-01-26 06:09:25

PORTLAND, Ore. -- Conceding that using hatcheries to supplement dwindling salmon populations is harming wild salmon species in some cases, the Bush administration plans to move away from the practice in favor of a more direct solution: Catch fewer fish. James Connaughton, chairman of the White House Council on Environmental Quality, announced the new policy Wednesday at a meeting of salmon scientists, many of whom have concluded that wild Pacific salmon will become practically extinct this...

2005-12-21 12:19:39

By Aasa Christine Stoltz and Darren Ennis OSLO/BRUSSELS (Reuters) - The European Union threw its support behind Norway on Wednesday the day after Russia banned fresh salmon from the Nordic country saying it was poisonous, findings which Norway disputes. Russian vets say they have found lead 18 times above safety levels in Norwegian salmon and cadmium 3.5 times higher, and that Norway's monitoring standards were inadequate. On Tuesday it banned imports of fresh Norwegian salmon from...

2005-12-21 05:59:36

By Aasa Christine Stoltz OSLO (Reuters) - Levels of the metals cadmium and lead in Norwegian salmon are below danger levels and the fish is safe to eat, Norway's government said on Wednesday, the day after Russia banned fresh salmon from the Nordic country. Russian vets say they have found lead 18 times above safety levels and cadmium 3.5 times higher in Norwegian salmon. Moscow said it would ban all imports from January 1, 2006, adding that Norway's monitoring standards were...

2005-11-04 11:12:58

OSLO (Reuters) - Global warming may benefit salmon in Norwegian rivers by causing more rainfall that dilutes industrial acids blown from other parts of Europe, scientists said on Friday. In the past, a spring thaw used to wash out large amounts of poisonous nitrates accumulated in winter snows, according to a long-term study of rain, snow and river acidification by the Norwegian Institute for Water Research (NIVA). But climate change in the past 20-30 years means that more...

2005-09-07 10:30:00

GRANTS PASS, Ore. -- Too many people using too much energy and natural resources make it inevitable that wild Pacific salmon will become extinct over the next century without a major overhaul in the way people live their lives, a group of 30 scientists, policy analysts and advocates concluded. "If you look at the four places on the planet that salmon runs originally occurred - the Asian Far East, Europe, Eastern North American and Western North America - as the numbers of people increased,...

2005-08-15 07:57:09

GRANTS PASS, Ore. -- The federal government has cut back the critical habitat for 19 species of threatened and endangered Pacific salmon, arguing that an earlier designation demanded by environmentalists was poorly executed and that voluntary habitat improvements will work better. The move announced Friday reduces the miles of protected river in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and California by 80 percent - from 167,700 miles to 33,300. In those areas, activities such as logging, construction and...

2005-07-14 07:15:00

SEATTLE (AP) -- With a record number of dead seabirds washing up on West Coast beaches from Central California to British Columbia, marine biologists are raising the alarm about rising ocean temperatures and dwindling plankton populations. "Something big is going on out there," said Julia Parrish, an associate professor in the School of Aquatic Fisheries and Sciences at the University of Washington. "I'm left with no obvious smoking gun, but birds are a good signal because they feed high up...

2005-07-10 16:32:46

PICTURED ROCKS NATIONAL LAKESHORE, Mich. -- Barely noticeable beneath a wooden foot bridge, the wire antenna stretched across the gurgling Mosquito River is on the lookout for one of the Great Lakes' most mysterious fish: the coaster brook trout. A century and a half ago, portions of the Lake Superior shoreline teemed with coasters - brook trout that, for reasons still unknown, migrate into the big lake instead of remaining in tributary streams with other members of their species. But word...

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Brown Trout, Salmo trutta
2013-10-15 12:46:40

The Brown Trout (Salmo trutta) is originally a European species of salmonid fish. It includes both purely freshwater populations, referred to Salmo trutta morpha fario and S. trutta morpha lacustris, and anadromous forms referred to as the sea trout, S. trutta morpha trutta. The latter migrates to the oceans for the majority of its life and returns to freshwater only to spawn. The specific handle trutta comes from the Latin trutta, meaning, literally, “trout”. The lacustrine morph of...

2007-02-21 17:17:07

Australian salmon are medium-sized perciform marine fish of the small family Arripidae. Four species are recognized, all within the genus Arripis; they are found in the waters off southern Australia (including Tasmania) and New Zealand. Despite the common name, Australian salmon are not related to the salmon (family Salmonidae) of the Northern Hemisphere; the former were named so by early European settlers after their superficial resemblance to the salmoniform fishes. Relatively long-lived...

2005-06-02 09:21:29

The brook trout (Salvelinus fontinalis) is a species of anadromous fish in the salmon family (family Salmonidae) of order Salmoniformes. One of the trouts, it is native to a wide area of eastern North America, including most of Canada from the Hudson Bay basin east, the Great Lakes"“Saint Lawrence system, and the Mississippi River drainage in the United States as far south as northern Georgia. The brook trout has a dark green to brown basic coloration with a distinctive marbled pattern...

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