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2009-03-18 11:41:41

The series finale of the 1970s-set, sci-fi New York cop drama Life on Mars is scheduled to air next month, ABC announced. The U.S. adaptation of the popular British television show stars Jason O'Mara, Harvey Keitel, Michael Imperioli, Gretchen Mol and Jonathan Murphy.

2008-10-20 18:00:19

U.S. actress Whoopi Goldberg has agreed to be a guest star on the new 1970s-set cop drama "Life on Mars," ABC said Monday. Goldberg, who won an Oscar for her work in the movie "Ghost," is now the moderator on the TV talk show "The View." She will play Disc Jockey Brother Lovebutter in the Nov.

2008-10-10 00:00:24

By Guy Adams Life on Mars is the latest in a spate of British programmes to cross the Atlantic - and it has gone down a storm, reports Guy Adams The cars are bigger.

2008-10-09 15:00:24

By DALE McGARRIGLE; OF THE NEWS STAFF Tonight is an evening of imports. First up is "Kath and Kim," inspired by an Australian sitcom of the same name, debuting at 8:30 p.m. on NBC. Well-paired with "My Name is Earl" at 8 p.m., "Kath and Kim" is another entertaining, white-trash buddy comedy.

2008-10-09 06:00:28

By Robert Bianco There's only so much credit you can give a copy. Tonight's premiere of Life on Mars is one of the best new hours of TV this fall -- as it should be, considering it's a virtual scene-for-scene remake of a terrific British original.

2008-10-09 00:00:27

By Frazier Moore NEW YORK -- All comfortably familiar by cop-show standards, "Life on Mars" begins with NYPD Detective Sam Tyler nabbing a murder suspect, who then gets a grilling from him at the precinct house.

2008-10-08 09:00:29

By Scott D. Pierce Deseret News BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. -- A couple of things can happen when Americans try to turn a hit British series into a hit on this side of the pond. It can turn out like "The Office," which was very successful in both versions.

2008-10-07 06:00:31

By Gary Levin There's a second life for Life on Mars, the BBC drama about a modern-day detective who, after an accident, abruptly finds himself on the beat in 1973. ABC took a quick shine to the show when it premiered in 2006 and began developing an American version with producer David E.

2008-10-07 06:00:31

By Christopher Lawrence Forget the housing meltdown, the crisis on Wall Street and the fact that banks are failing faster than Hugh Hefner's relationships. The surest sign America is in trouble? Even our TV shows are being outsourced.

2008-10-06 09:00:31

By JUDITH S GILLIES By Judith S. Gillies The Washington Post Detective Sam Tyler (Jason O'Mara) is hit by a car while chasing a bad guy in New York. When he regains consciousness, he's more than baffled to find himself as a member of the NYPD - in 1973.