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2014-06-19 23:08:13

Light Rare Earth Metals market can be segmented by Geographies, Applications, Companies and Submarkets. http://www.micromarketmonitor.com/market-report/light-rare-earth-metals-reports-2757643776.html (PRWEB) June 19, 2014 Rare earth metals, or rare earth elements (REEs), are a relatively abundant group of seventeen elements found in the periodic table. The rare earth elements can further be divided into two categories—heavy rare earth elements (HREEs) and light rare earth elements...

2014-04-30 23:19:27

Heartfelt and healthful gifts come to those who deserve them. In honor of Mother’s Day, DivotiUSA.com, the premier manufacturer and distributor of premium copper, magnetic and ionic germanium jewelry, electronic accessories, health and performance gear, today announced an extraordinary Mother’s Day opportunity in which customers will receive 20% off all women’s items in stock. Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) April 30, 2014 Heartfelt and healthful gifts come to those who deserve them. In...

'Faster-Ticking Clock' Indicates Early Solar System May Have Evolved Faster Than We Think
2012-05-02 07:00:54

Our solar system is four and a half billion years old, but its formation may have occurred over a shorter period of time than we previously thought, says an international team of researchers from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and universities and laboratories in the US and Japan. Establishing chronologies of past events or determining ages of objects require having clocks that tick at different paces, according to how far back one looks. Nuclear clocks, used for dating, are based on...

New Isotope Measurement Could Alter History Of Early Solar System
2012-04-04 03:24:53

The early days of our solar system might look quite different than previously thought, according to research at the U.S. Department of Energy´s (DOE) Argonne National Laboratory published in Science. The study used more sensitive instruments to find a different half-life for samarium, one of the isotopes used to chart the evolution of the solar system. “It shrinks the chronology of early events in the solar system, like the formation of planets, into a shorter time span,”...

2010-06-16 21:55:44

The fiber optic cable networks linking the world are an essential part of modern life. To keep up with ever-increasing demands for more bandwidth, scientists are working to improve the optical amplifiers that boost fiber optic signals across long distances. Optical amplifier research is focused on glass fibers doped with rare earth elements. The elements, such as erbium and ytterbium, amplify light signals when excited by a laser. Many different combinations of elements have been tried in...

2006-11-29 03:00:23

By Bugayeva, N; Robinson, J Mixed oxide nanoparticles of 80 mol.-% cerium and 20 mol.-% samarium with rod like morphology were synthesised via a chemical coprecipitation technique. X-ray diffraction (XRD) and high resolution TEM characterisation showed homogeneous distribution of both rare earth metal oxides throughout individual particles. Keywords: Nanocrystalline materials, Cerium-samarium mixed oxide, Chemical synthesis, Rod-like morphology, TEM Introduction Cerium-samarium mixed...

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