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2012-08-13 09:51:26

Michael Harper for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online If broken down, feature by feature, how much would you be willing to pay for an Apple iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy S III? According to John Hauser, a marketing professor at MIT, consumers are willing to pay $100 for the patents at stake in the California courtroom drama between Apple and Samsung. Hired by Apple. Hauser took the stand on Friday to explain the results of an online survey he conducted to determine the value of smartphone...

2012-08-12 23:00:47

According to Cellularcountry.com, its Samsung Omnia sale has begun. Philadelphia, PA (PRWEB) August 12, 2012 According to Cellularcountry.com, its Samsung Omnia sale has begun. The company is planning to introduce several new cell phone models and brands to its product lineup this August. With the planned product additions, Cellular Country is expanding its reach and target market. The $84.99 price tag of the Omnia is reasonable for many customers who are looking for an affordable and...

2012-08-12 12:08:49

Michael Harper for redOrbit.com — Your Universe Online In the calm before the new iPhone storm, the world looks to the ongoing drama in San Jose, California to busy themselves as they wait for the next best Apple smartphone. One has to wonder: When will these patent lawsuits become old? Perhaps they´ve already become old for many. Maybe the new private information being brought into the public eye is just interesting enough to give you that special sort of satisfaction...

Apple Vs Samsung: Sales Numbers Released In Court
2012-08-10 11:21:56

Michael Harper for redOrbit.com — Your Universe Online There are some pretty interesting documents being handed around in the case between Apple and Samsung. We´ve learned that Apple wanted to see what a Sony iPhone might look like, and we´ve also seen Samsung directly compare their Galaxy to the Apple device screen by screen, feature by feature, and come up wanting. Samsung entered more documents into evidence yesterday to help aid them in their fight against Apple, and...

2012-08-07 07:51:52

Michael Harper for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online A simple web search can pull up a host of evidence against Samsung in the debate of “Who copied whom.” As these things often go in today´s modern age, there´s even a Tumblr account aptly titled “Samsung Copies Apple” full of examples of Samsung´s, how shall I put it, attempt at flattery. The most recent perpetration occurs in their Chromebox, a Mac-Mini clone which runs Google´s Chrome...

Apple vs Samsung Day 2: Opening Statements
2012-08-01 05:17:02

Michael Harper for redOrbit.com — Your Universe Online The jury has officially been picked, and now the real fun begins: opening statements from Apple and Samsung´s legal beagles. No day 2 of any patent lawsuit would not be complete, of course, without a fun and educational video explaining what patents are and how companies get them, topped off with a stubborn Samsung throwing a bit of a tantrum before they started their opening statements. All in all, it sounds like it was...

Who Was First? Apple Or Samsung?
2012-07-27 11:20:27

Michael Harper for redOrbit.com — Your Universe Online The road leading to the great US case of Apple v Samsung has already been a spectacular one, full of twists and turns, injunctions and revelations. For instance, Samsung has already had injunctions placed on 2 of their devices, depositions have been revealed wherein Jony Ive said Apple had been working on the iPad as early as 2002, and courts higher than Lucy Koh´s District court have stepped in more than once to overturn...

Samsung Galaxy SIII
2012-06-06 17:27:46

Michael Harper for redOrbit.com After making its UK debut last month, the Samsung Galaxy S III has already proven more than popular in London, as carriers and dealers there have already reported more than 9 million pre-orders for the next Samsung Smartphone. But we can´t let those Londoners have all the fun. Anxious Android Aficionados can stop wringing their HTC One Xs in sweaty anticipation as America´s largest carriers have announced release dates and have started taking...

Galaxy S3 Trumps iPhone 4S As UK's 'Most Popular Phone'
2012-06-04 03:31:56

Samsung's Galaxy S3 has surpassed Apple's iPhone 4S as the most popular smartphone in the UK, according to new statistics based on sales and live searches released on Sunday. According to Telegraph Consumer Technology Editor Matt Warman, the latest figures from uSwitch.com Mobile Tracker had the Galaxy S3 claiming the top spot in its first appearance on the charts. It replaces the iPhone 4S, which just one month ago had bumped the Samsung phone's predecessor, the Galaxy S2, out of the top...

Applesauce: All Things Apple
2012-05-26 08:42:45

Michael Harper for Redorbit.com Apple made news across a broad spectrum of headlines this week. They´ve continued their battle in court against Samsung, stubbornly refusing to cede power or control. It´s interesting enough, if you´re the kind of person who is into long, drawn-out legal proceedings with multiple outcomes stemming from pages and pages of documents. So far, this case has played out like a grown-up “He Said, She Said,” as the two tech titans take...

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