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buy cars
2014-12-21 15:37:56

When it comes to building cars and trucks that will inspire customer loyalty, it might be best for automotive companies to focus on what their products look like instead of how much horsepower they have, or how fuel-efficient they are, according to a new study.

2014-04-22 23:12:41

SFSU apparel design students to transform damaged, first-quality jeans into sustainable fashion that rocks. San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) April 22, 2014

2014-04-02 12:32:00

Despite knowing that buying life experiences will make them happier than buying material items, shoppers might continue to spend money on the latter because they mistakenly believe items are a better value.

2014-03-31 23:37:07

Top Tier Panelists from Onyx Pharmaceuticals, BioMarin Pharmaceutical, San Francisco State University, and Clinovo Share Experience on How to Conduct Successful Outsourcing Strategies

Dominance Is Athlete's First Reaction In Victory
2014-01-10 14:42:23

Upon victory, an athlete's initial and instinctive reaction is one that displays dominance over his or her opponent, according to a new study published today in the journal Motivation and Emotion.

New Exoplanet Pisces
2014-01-10 07:43:23

A team of astronomers has discovered a new giant planet that could have twice the mass of Jupiter.

Deadly Fungus Cause Of Frog Declines In The Andes
2013-12-13 07:25:23

Amphibians at high elevations can tolerate temperature changes, but susceptible to deadly fungus

Carbon-sequestering Ocean Plants May Handle Climate Changes Over The Long Run
2013-08-26 14:33:35

A year-long experiment on tiny ocean organisms called coccolithophores suggests that the single-celled algae may still be able to grow their calcified shells even as oceans grow warmer and more acidic in Earth's near future.

2013-06-27 23:22:12

• InnVentas starts operations with a growing portfolio of emerging and established Mexican and Latin American contemporary artists. • InnVentas is a Mexican start-up, led by a young entrepreneur

Growth Of Toxic Algae Caused By Nitrogen From Pollution And Natural Sources
2013-02-07 10:17:49

Nitrogen in ocean waters fuels the growth of two tiny but toxic phytoplankton species that are harmful to marine life and human health, warns a new study published in the Journal of Phycology.

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