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2011-08-05 09:01:26

One of the Internet's first spammers has been criminally charged for hacking more than half a million Facebook accounts, stealing personal information, and sending millions of unwanted advertisements through their accounts. Self-described spam king Sanford Wallace surrendered to FBI Friday after being indicted for the crimes. Now 43, Wallace first figured out a way to evade Facebook's spam filters and employ a script that would automatically log into the accounts he had compromised and...

2009-10-30 14:48:15

A California court has awarded Facebook $711 million in damages in an anti-spam case against Internet marketer Sanford Wallace. The social networking site had sued Wallace for accessing users' accounts without their consent, and for sending fraudulent posts and messages. "Today, a San Jose, Calif. court awarded Facebook $711 million in damages against Sanford Wallace, one of the spammers who accessed people's accounts without their permission and sent phony Wall posts and messages," wrote...

2008-10-15 06:00:07

By Jon Swartz SAN FRANCISCO -- The world's largest spam e-mail operator has been silenced. Federal authorities say they've shut down HerbalKing, a global spam gang responsible for billions of spam messages promoting prescription drugs, "male-enhancement" pills and diet pills. On Tuesday, a federal court in Chicago, acting on a complaint from the Federal Trade Commission, ordered a halt to its operations, pending trial. A federal judge said HerbalKing engaged in spamming and deceptive...

2008-05-14 11:10:00

A federal judge in Los Angeles ruled against a notorious online spammer in a $230 million judgment over thousands of deceptive messages, which were sent over Myspace.The popular social networking Web site brought charges against Walter Rines and his partner Sanford Wallace, who got his beginnings as a "Spam King" in the 1990s when he sent as many as 30 million junk e-mails each day to users worldwide.Wallace and his partner failed to show up at the court hearing."MySpace has zero tolerance...

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