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2013-06-07 23:15:22

The new Suunto Ambit 2 Sapphire is the world's first GPS watch to use a real Sapphire crystal and it's super tough according to the Heart Rate Watch Company. Bozeman, MT (PRWEB) June 07, 2013 The new Suunto Ambit 2 Sapphire is the world's only GPS watch for sports that uses a sapphire crystal according to the Heart Rate Watch Company. "This watch was so popular it sold out in just three days in May but more are coming in July 1st, which is just a little over three weeks away," says Rusty...

2013-05-19 23:02:11

Suunto Ambit 2 Sapphire has been voted the most rugged GPS watch for outdoor sports enthusiasts by the testers at the Heart Rate Watch Company. Bozeman, MT (PRWEB) May 19, 2013 The Suunto Ambit 2 Sapphire is the most rugged GPS watch ever created according to the Heart Rate Watch Company. "This GPS watch is so rugged it's almost bombproof and the fact that Suunto had the guts to put the crystal flush with the bezel tells you just how confident they are in the toughness of their thick...

Smartphone Screens Made Of Sapphire Could Be Around The Corner
2013-03-22 10:36:31

Michael Harper for redOrbit.com — Your Universe Online The display market has been cranking out some impressive smartphone screens as of late. Samsung´s latest Galaxy S display packs 441 tiny pixels into every square inch. HTC´s latest, One, has a pixel density of 468 pixels per inch (ppi) and both of these phones soundly trump the 326 ppi of Apple´s Retina display. These displays are delivering brighter and crisper images, all in a relatively small size. They´re...

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2005-05-26 11:05:25

Corundum is the crystalline form of aluminium oxide and one of the rock-forming minerals. Corundum is naturally clear, but can have different colors when impurities are added. Transparent specimens are used as gems, called ruby if red, while all other colors are called sapphire. The word corundum comes from the Hindi kurand. The oxygen atoms in corundum are arranged in a hexagonal close-packing, with the smaller aluminium atoms occupying 2/3 of the octahedral gaps. The coordination of the...

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