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2011-02-07 09:15:00

A team of British scientists claim that they have developed a new flu vaccine that could work against all currently identified strains of the ailment, according to a report in the UK newspaper The Guardian on Sunday. The researchers, led by Dr. Sarah Gilbert of Oxford University, have discovered a new technique that targets a different part of the influenza virus than most traditional vaccines. Rather than targeting the external coat of the virus, which is likely to mutate from year to year,...

2008-09-05 21:00:22

British researchers are testing a universal flu vaccine on humans in hopes of ending the need for yearly injections. Current vaccines only work on certain strains of flu, which means a new vaccine must be formulated each year. "This approach to influenza vaccination is unsatisfactory for use against seasonal influenza, and of little use when new types of flu begin to infect humans from birds," Dr. Sarah Gilbert of the University of Oxford said Friday in a statement. Gilbert said existing...

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