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WHO Issues Health Alerts On SARS-Like Virus, Saudi Arabia Takes Precautionary Measures
2012-09-26 12:55:47

Lawrence LeBlond for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online A Qatari man who was rushed to a UK hospital for treatment of a SARS-like disease is now the center of attention for the World Health Organization and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Reports surfaced that the 49-year-old man had traveled to Saudi Arabia, initiating the Arab state to take precautions to prevent the disease from spreading among Muslim pilgrims during next month's Haj pilgrimage. The reports also led the WHO to urge...

Qatari Man Transported To UK Hospital After Diagnosis Of SARS-Like Illness
2012-09-24 10:03:58

Lawrence LeBlond for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online A respiratory illness similar to SARS virus has been found in a patient from Qatar. The 49-year-old man, who was transferred to a London hospital by air ambulance from Qatar, is the second person confirmed with the coronavirus, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). The UN health body said it urgently needs more information on the new virus, which comes from the same family as the SARS virus that emerged in 2002-03 and...

2009-05-20 13:55:26

A protein from algae may have what it takes to stop Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) infections, according to new research. A recent study has found that mice treated with the protein, Griffithsin (GRFT), had a 100 percent survival rate after exposure to the SARS coronavirus (SARS-CoV), as compared to a 30 percent survival for untreated mice. The research will be presented at the American Thoracic Society's 105th International Conference in San Diego on Wednesday, May 20. Despite its...

2009-01-06 14:08:10

Scientists have developed a three-dimensional model of a virus that causes SARS, which they believe will assist future efforts to battle the disease. Dutch researchers created the model using a hepatitis coronavirus from mice, they reported in the Jan. 13 issue of the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. "I think we can translate what we found for this virus to the SARS virus," Berend Jan Bosch, a virologist at Utrecht University who worked on the study, told Reuters. "If...

2008-11-26 09:22:02

SARS "“ severe acute respiratory syndrome "“ alarmed the world five years ago as the first global pandemic of the 21st century. The coronavirus (SARS-CoV) that sickened more than 8,000 people "“ and killed nearly 800 of them "“ may have originated in bats, but the actual animal source is not known. In an effort to understand how SARS-CoV may have jumped from bats to humans, a team of investigators from Vanderbilt University Medical Center and the University of North...

2008-11-12 09:40:00

A Purdue University researcher has created a compound that prevents replication of the virus that causes SARS and could lead to a treatment for the disease. "The outbreak of SARS in 2003 led to hundreds of deaths and thousands of illnesses, and there is currently no treatment," said Arun Ghosh, the Purdue professor that led the molecular design team. "Although it is not currently a threat, there is the concern that SARS could return or be used as a biological weapon. It is important to...

2008-02-19 14:35:00

Scientists who have studied the genome of the virus that caused severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) say their comparisons to related viruses offer new evidence that the virus infecting humans originated in bats.The analysis tracing the viruses' paths through human and animal hosts counters assertions that SARS was eradicated in 2004 when thousands of palm civet cats in China were identified as the original source and killed in an effort to eliminate the risk of new outbreaks.According to...

2006-03-29 08:20:00

By Jonathan Spicer TORONTO -- Toronto's deadly brush with the SARS virus three years ago has uniquely prepared the city for the possibility of a bird flu pandemic, health officials say. Drawing on lessons from the 2003 outbreak of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, city and provincial experts promise new screening measures, emergency plans to treat patients from home and tough laws detailing what health workers must do. Rules still under government debate could ban travel, fix prices and...

2005-10-04 17:17:21

By Matthew Chung TORONTO (Reuters) - Ten people have died from a mystery viral outbreak at a Toronto nursing home and another 40 are in hospital, public health officials said on Tuesday as they raced to contact anyone who visited the home recently. The outbreak, an unidentified respiratory virus, has sparked memories of the SARS outbreak two years ago that killed 44 people in Canada's largest city. But health officials said the latest outbreak, which was first detected on September...

2005-10-04 10:41:10

HONG KONG (Reuters) - A species of bats in China might have been the source of the SARS epidemic in 2003, a Chinese health expert said on Tuesday, adding that the creatures probably passed it to civet cats, which then passed it to humans. Researchers in Hong Kong and China said last month that the horseshoe bat - a delicacy in southern Chinese cuisine and whose feces are used in traditional Chinese medicine - was a natural host of SARS-like viruses, meaning it could carry the bugs...

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Masked Palm Civet, Paguma larvata
2012-11-16 15:05:30

The masked palm civet (Paguma larvata), also known as the gem-faced civet, can be found in Southeast Asia and the Indian Subcontinent. Its range includes China and the islands of Sumatra, Borneo, Taiwan, and the island chains of Nicobar and Andaman. It does occur in Japan, but experts do not know if it is native or introduced in that area of its range. It prefers a habitat within temperate deciduous forests and tropical rainforests. The masked palm civet resembles most other civets in body...

2011-02-23 20:52:43

The SARS coronavirus is the virus that causes severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS). In 2003 the World Health Organization issued a press release stating that the coronavirus identified by a number of laboratories was the official cause of SARS. It causes severe illness marked initially by systemic symptoms of muscle pain, headache, fever, followed in 2-10 days by the onset of respiratory symptoms, mainly cough, dyspnea, and pneumonia. SARS patients have a decrease in the number of...

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