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2010-12-30 14:05:00

Manatees in Florida are swimming out of the cold waters in the Gulf of Mexico to find warmer places, like springs and power plant discharge canals. Over 300 manatees floated in the outflow of Tampa Electric's Big Bend Power Station on Tuesday. "It's like a warm bathtub for them," Wendy Anastasiou, an environmental specialist at the power station's manatee viewing center, told the Associated Press (AP). "They come in here and hang out and loll around." Manatees' immune systems can be...

2009-01-06 16:24:32

A record number of newborn manatee carcasses were recovered by Florida researchers last year, state wildlife officials said. Biologists with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission's Fish and Wildlife Research Institute documented 337 manatee carcasses in state waters in 2008. The report said 90 of the deaths were watercraft-related and a record 101 deaths were newborns. The report said a variety of factors could have contributed to the high number of newborn deaths, including...

2008-12-14 16:06:41

Efforts to protect Manatees in Florida have not worked, possibly because the sea cows could be hard of hearing, a researcher says. The Sunshine State has created manatee safety zones and slow wake waterways designed to protect them, but the sea mammals repeatedly get in the paths of boats and are slashed by propellers. Florida Atlantic University researcher Edmund Gerstein has measured the hearing abilities of manatees for 17 years, trying to understand why manatees get in the way of boats,...

2008-06-16 06:00:16

By Curtis Morgan, The Miami Herald Jun. 16--Florida's wildlife managers are contemplating a fresh approach to the difficult business of deciding whether the West Indian manatee and dozens of other critters are endangered or threatened: Let somebody else do it -- namely, the federal government. In a move aimed at quelling a decade of impassioned debate over the status of the manatee and, by extension, the state's entire controversial system for ranking imperiled species, the Florida...

2006-08-07 18:17:18

NEW YORK (Reuters) - New Yorkers are known to head south to vacation, but at least one Floridian had an urge to come north to see the big city. Marine preservationists said a manatee had swam up the Hudson River past Manhattan's Chelsea neighborhood and then 100 miles upstate. It was the first confirmed sighting of the mammal in New York in 10 years. The manatee was filmed by boaters late last month in New Jersey and Delaware and has since been spotted by at least five different...

2006-02-15 18:47:01

NAPLES, Fla. (AP) - Manatee deaths jumped by a third in January compared with the same month last year, but exactly what killed half the animals remains unknown, state wildlife officials said. Last month, 48 of the endangered animals are known to have died statewide, 12 more than in January 2005. Half of the deaths were listed as cause unknown because the manatees' bodies were decomposed when they were retrieved, said Ken Arrison, a biologist with the state's Marine Mammal Pathobiology Lab in...

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African Manatee, Trichechus senegalensis
2012-06-19 13:45:47

The African manatee (Trichechus senegalensis) is thought to be similar to the West Indian manatee. Its other common names include the seacow and the West African manatee. It is native to Africa, specifically Senegal to Angola and West Africa. Its range also includes Mali, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Ghana, among other regions. They can live in many water habitats including freshwater, oceans, brackish water, and lagoons. However, they will not live anywhere with a temperature...

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