Latest School week Stories

2006-05-18 07:10:00

By Laura Zuckerman SALMON, Idaho -- After homework and household chores, Bianca Sozzi intends to spend most Fridays next school year pursuing the pastimes of the average American adolescent: listening to music, talking to friends on the phone or playing computer games. "It will be like another weekend day," said Sozzi. Come fall, all Fridays will mark the beginning of a three-day break for Sozzi and 1,029 other public school students in this small Idaho community. In parts of the American...

Word of the Day
  • A terrible or repulsive person.
Regarding the etymology of 'humgruffin,' the OED says (rather unhelpfully) that it's a 'made-up word.' We might guess that 'hum' comes from 'humbug' or possibly 'hum' meaning 'a disagreeable smell,' while 'gruffin' could be a combination of 'gruff' and 'griffin.'