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2008-07-15 18:00:15

By ALAN WESTON TWO cutting-edge science centres are to be created at the Daresbury campus after the Government announced a pounds 65m investment. The funding by the Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills (DIUS) will see a world-leading computer sciences centre and a research facility to develop detector systems at Daresbury. It is the latest twist in a rollercoaster year for the campus, near Warrington. In January, high-tech science staff at the governmentrun Daresbury...

2008-07-10 18:00:09

The Jodrell Bank telescope has been secured for the "medium and long term future", the University of Manchester said yesterday. The Government's Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) has agreed to contribute towards the running costs of the radio astronomy centre in Cheshire, the university said. The cash will initially provide two years of funding for the e- MERLIN project, which comprises two telescopes at Jodrell Bank, as well as dishes at Pick-mere and Darnhall in...

2008-07-09 16:20:00

Funding for one of the world's leading radio astronomy centers has now been secured, according to Manchester University, the site's owner. Jodrell Bank in Cheshire, an observatory that has made many key discoveries as well as tracking the moon landings, was in danger of closing due to uncertainty of proper funding for its key new project, the eMerlin network. The network, which ties together radio dishes across the UK, now has the necessary money in place. The observatory, home to the giant...

2008-07-07 14:55:00

Britain could soon face a major setback in their involvement in one of the biggest space missions yet, as funding for UK-led experiments on the ExoMars rover and lander is to be cut by 25% in their key development phase. If researchers cannot find extra funds or reduce costs, some of them are certain to miss the flagship mission. Professor Steve Schwartz, from Imperial College London, is working on a magnetometer instrument for ExoMars. "If this sticks, it means for sure that some instruments...

2008-04-03 22:40:00

A world class science project in Britain, dubbed "ËœAlice', is in jeopardy of being moved to the U.S. or Russia due to cuts in Britain's science budget.  The project, conducted at Daresbury labs in Cheshire, is the first particle accelerator of its kind in Europe. The cuts could take effect as early as July, shutting down the project after six years of design and construction and before it has a chance to produce results.Alice, short for Accelerators and Lasers in Combined...

2008-02-28 11:40:00

Britain has now been fully reinstated as member of the Gemini Observatory after a $160 million budget shortfall temporarily suspended the country's membership. The reinstatement means British astronomers will continue to have direct access to two prime 8m-class telescopes in Chile and Hawaii.    After 15 months of development, the two optical-infrared reflecting telescopes, known as Gemini South and Gemini North, are only now realizing their full potential to view the most...

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