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2009-10-19 12:35:00

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown warned on Monday that world leaders must place priority on meeting at this year’s climate summit in Denmark in order to avoid a "catastrophe of unchecked climate change."

2009-09-24 12:55:48

Canadian scientists surveyed some of the world's major cities and determined Denver releases the largest amount of greenhouse gases. The University of Toronto researchers, led by Associate Professor Christopher Kennedy, documented how differences in climate, population density and other factors affect greenhouse gas emissions in global cities. Kennedy and his colleagues noted not enough information has been available as to why emissions vary among different cities. The scientists analyzed how...

2009-09-21 07:00:00

-- Aid group: Poor communities most affected by climate change, require adequate funds to adapt -- U.S. must take leadership to pass legislation and ensure global agreement in Copenhagen that prioritizes needs of world's poor NEW YORK, Sept.

2009-09-04 11:18:20

Sediment cores show the Arctic has been warmer during the past decade than during any 10-year period in the last 2,000 years, scientists said. The study provides a clear example of how increased greenhouse gases are now changing our climate, said Caspar Ammann of the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colo. Ammann and his team studied sediment cores from lakes, tree rings and ice cores, all of which showed the Arctic has been warming since about 1850 -- the beginning of the...

2009-09-03 14:39:14

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said at a Swiss conference a global warming pact should be finalized in the face of ongoing climate change. Appearing at the World Climate Conference in Geneva, Ban told assembled officials Thursday he witnessed firsthand the melting of glaciers due to climate change during a recent visit to the Arctic, a U.N.

2009-08-31 09:52:20

Raising livestock also accounts for around 18% of greenhouse gases. It is therefore possible to act against climate change and reduce cardiovascular and cancer deaths

2009-08-20 14:29:08

British scientists say targeted investments in climate science could lead to enormous economic savings for both the United Kingdom and Europe. A study by the National Center for Atmospheric Science at the University of Leeds and the Walker Institute at the University of Reading determined such investments could lead to major benefits in reducing the costs of adapting to a changing climate.

2009-08-20 11:53:08

If you think this summer's U.S.

2009-08-19 09:30:00

Targeted investments in climate science could lead to major benefits in reducing the costs of adapting to a changing climate, according to new research published by scientists from the UK's National Centre for Atmospheric Science (NCAS).

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