Latest Scientific opinion on climate change Stories

2012-06-25 16:49:04

Sea levels around the world can be expected to rise by several meters in coming centuries, if global warming carries on The study is the first to give a comprehensive projection for this long perspective, based on observed sea-level rise over the past millennium, as well as on scenarios for future greenhouse-gas emissions. "Sea-level rise is a hard to quantify, yet critical risk of climate change," says Michiel Schaeffer of Climate Analytics and Wageningen University, lead author of the...

Analysis Shows Big, Fast Changes Ahead For Global Fire Risk
2012-06-12 15:20:51

Climate change is widely expected to disrupt future fire patterns around the world, with some regions, such as the western United States, seeing more frequent fires within the next 30 years, according to a new analysis led by researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, in collaboration with an international team of scientists. By the end of the century, almost all of North America and most of Europe is projected to see a jump in the frequency of wildfires, primarily because of...

Ocean’s Circulation And Its Effects On Our Climate
2012-06-07 10:47:45

Scientists have long believed that global warming and levels of CO2 were associated. As levels of carbon dioxide increased, so too did the Earth´s temperatures. Now, paleoclimate researchers have studied ancient skeletons from microscopic plankton from the Miocene period to better understand our climate 12 to 5 million years ago. They found warmer periods and increased levels of CO2 didn´t always operate hand in hand, saying the two effects once operated independently of one...

2012-06-06 09:11:56

Top-down advocacy on health and climate at the UN level needs to be mirrored by bottom-up public health actions that bring health and climate co-benefits according to international experts writing in this week's PLoS Medicine. The authors–public health experts from institutions in Sweden, Germany and South Africa–say: "It is becoming increasingly clear that maintaining a sustainable and healthy climate is something that can only be achieved by means of a concerted global...

2012-06-05 16:40:43

Michael Crumbliss for redOrbit.com The largest cities in the world are lagging far behind smaller municipalities in preparation for climate change. Quito, the mountainous capital of Ecuador is an example of a smaller city leading the way. The government of Quito has been studying the effects of warming on nearby glaciers, preparing for water shortages, and hosting climate change conferences for other Latin American countries. An MIT survey released today shows that 95 percent of major...

2012-05-29 13:08:13

Results from new climate adaptation survey A majority of California's coastal planners and resource managers now view the threats from climate change as sufficiently likely that practical steps on the ground need to be taken to protect against growing threats, according to results from a new survey published by Stanford University's Center for Ocean Solutions (COS) and the California Sea Grant. Survey respondents acknowledge the need to prepare for changes along the coast that might...

2012-05-10 22:03:51

In the run-up to the G8 summit in Camp David, Maryland, the German National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina, in partnership with the national science academies of the G8 member states and seven other science academies, has equipped the world leaders with a set of recommendations on addressing some of the planet's most pressing challenges. The partners' three statements on the topics of water and energy, greenhouse gas reduction and ways of building resilience to natural and technological...

2012-05-07 13:35:30

A modeling study from the European Alps suggests that population declines to be observed during the upcoming decades will probably underestimate the long-term effects of recent climate warming on mountain plants. A European team of ecologists around Stefan Dullinger from the Department of Conservation Biology, Vegetation and Landscape Ecology of the University of Vienna presents a new modeling tool to predict migration of mountain plants which explicitly takes population dynamic processes...

Climate Change Biggest Factor In Corn Price Increases
2012-04-24 03:58:56

Jason Farmer for RedOrbit.com A new study suggests that climate change could cause US corn prices to more than quadruple in years of peak volatility, environmental scientists said on Sunday. The study, published in the journal Nature Climate Change, suggests that frequent heat waves will cause the sharp price spikes unless farmers develop more heat-tolerant corn varieties or gradually move corn production from the United States into Canada. A study of the factors that drive up prices...

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