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2013-02-12 14:48:59

Scopolamine is an anticholinergic drug with many uses. For example, it prevents nausea, vomiting, and motion sickness. However, scopolamine is re-emerging as an antidepressant, with recent studies showing that scopolamine can rapidly improve mood in depressed patients. In addition, in a new study published in Biological Psychiatry this month by Dr. Moriel Zelikowsky and colleagues at the University of California, Los Angeles, it may also be a possible treatment for anxiety disorders....

NASA Develops Motion Sickness Remedy For Astronauts
2012-10-13 05:59:48

April Flowers for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online Motion sickness can affect nearly anyone, in a variety of situations from car rides to amusement park attractions to airplanes. Astronauts often find themselves experiencing motion sickness in space. To combat motion sickness, NASA developed a fast-acting nasal spray that will now be developed and commercialized due to an agreement signed between NASA's Johnson Space Center and Epiomed Therapeutics Inc. Epiomed will formulate the...

'Horror Stories' Surfacing of Deadly Columbian Mind-Control Drug
2012-05-14 04:23:50

Experts are warning about a dangerous drug currently being dealt in Colombia that can reportedly rob an individual of their free will, making them vulnerable to criminals and attackers, or erase their memories. The drug is known as scopolamine, and according to Gizmodo reporter Sam Biddle, the substance, which is derived from plants like cocaine, "will turn you into an insane zombie and probably kill you." Scopolamine, otherwise known as "The Devil's Breath," was tested by the CIA as a...

2008-03-26 12:01:04

ExonHit Therapeutics has announced positive results of a Phase I study assessing the effects of its lead compound, EHT 0202, on scopolamine-induced brain impairments in humans. In the study, scopolamine significantly reduced vigilance levels and cognition as measured by spectral analysis and Event Related Potentials (ERPs) respectively when administered to study subjects. The results of the spectral analysis indicate that EHT 0202 is associated with an improvement of the vigilance level at...

2008-03-25 15:00:58

PARIS, March 25 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- ExonHit Therapeutics, a drug and diagnostic discovery company, announced today the results of a Phase 1 study assessing the effects of its lead compound, EHT 0202, on scopolamine-induced brain impairments in humans. ExonHit's EHT 0202 is a compound, with a novel mechanism of action, which has shown preclinical benefits on memory and neuronal loss and is currently tested in a Phase 2 clinical trial on Alzheimer disease (AD) patients. Scopolamine...

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