Latest Sea Shepherd Conservation Society Stories

2007-02-10 00:55:00

WELLINGTON, New Zealand -- Two activists attacked a Japanese whaling ship with a bottle of acid and a smoke bomb Friday, slightly injuring two crew members after the vessel helped rescue the protesters from the icy Ross Sea off Antarctica, officials said. The activists from the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society protest ship Farley Mowat disappeared during a confrontation with the Nisshin Maru but were found after about seven hours, with members of the Japanese whaling expedition assisting....

2006-03-22 07:40:00

TORONTO -- Protesters, celebrities and fishermen were gearing up for Canada's hotly debated seal hunt, set to get under way later this week in the gulf off the Atlantic Ocean. Federal Fisheries Minister Loyola Hearn has given a cold shoulder to French film legend Brigitte Bardot, who intends to visit Ottawa on Wednesday to implore the federal government to end the regulated slaughter of some 325,000 harp seals. Hearn told the St. John's Telegram in Newfoundland, where the largest leg of...

2006-02-15 20:05:00

By Gordon Bell CAPE TOWN (Reuters) - The chained Farley Mowat floats under police guard in Cape Town harbor, out of reach of the whaling ships its captain seeks to destroy. For seven weeks, the crew of the tiny activist ship harassed Japanese whalers in Antarctic waters, chasing the hunters through thousands of kilometers of icy seas. Now, the Canadian-registered ship has been forced to rest. Last month, it was detained on arrival in South Africa by marine officials who say it does not meet...

2006-01-15 01:09:16

CANBERRA (Reuters) - A Japanese whaling harpoon narrowly missed an inflatable boat carrying environmental protesters, causing one to fall into the freezing sea, as both sides warn their face-off is becoming increasingly dangerous. The Greenpeace vessel Arctic Sunrise has been shadowing the Japanese whaling fleet for several weeks in an attempt to disrupt Japan's annual whale hunt, prompting a heated exchange on January 8 when the Greenpeace ship and a Japanese ship collided. In the...

2005-12-24 02:25:00

CANBERRA -- A Japanese whaling fleet has started whaling again after spending more than 40 hours trying to escape Greenpeace protesters in remote icy waters near Antarctica, the environmental group said. Two Greenpeace ships, which tracked down the Japanese fleet on Thursday after a month-long search, had been deploying inflatable boats to harass Japanese "catcher boats," positioning them between the whales and harpoon gun. But Greenpeace said the Japanese fleet then tried to outrun it...

2005-12-22 22:06:00

By Michelle Nichols CANBERRA (Reuters) - Australia should send a navy ship to monitor a Japanese whaling fleet in the Southern Ocean, Australia's minority Greens party said on Friday, as the Japanese ships kept trying to fend off Greenpeace protesters. Greens leader Bob Brown and Greenpeace also called for Australia to stop one of the six Japanese ships -- due to arrive in the southern city of Hobart on Saturday to deliver a sick crew member to hospital -- from returning to the...

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