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2009-03-05 07:36:00

HAMBURG, Germany, March 5 /PRNewswire/ -- In the spring of 2008, while Canadian seal hunters swarmed from place to place and brutally killed 300,000 seals, the fictional metal band "The Canadians" were touring Germany on their "Killing Seals Tour 2008." The goal was to make primarily young people aware of the bloody events taking place in Canada - with the "Killing Seals Tour 2008" reflecting the real Canadian seal-hunting season. In Germany, there were posters made for the tour and...

2008-10-07 18:00:18

A BAN on hunting the Caspian seal is needed to halt massive declines in numbers of the endangered mammal, scientists urged today.

2008-07-24 08:50:00

On Wednesday the European Commission approved plans to ban the import of seal pelts that have undergone extreme suffering when being killed. The ban may cause trade conflicts with hunting countries.

2006-04-13 15:17:06

OTTAWA (Reuters) - Activists protesting against Canada's annual seal hunt said dozens of angry hunters and fishermen had trapped them in their hotel in northeast Quebec on Thursday and damaged one of their vehicles.

2006-04-13 11:45:00

America's most popular dog is a big hit with scientists who are using Labrador retrievers to hunt up seals for study in the Arctic. The dogs are proving nifty at finding the breathing holes and snow lairs of ringed seals.

2006-03-26 19:15:00

A group of animal rights activists observing Canada's annual harp seal hunt were arrested on Sunday for getting too close to hunters killing the animals off the eastern coast, officials said.

2006-03-25 14:23:54

By Paul Darrow OFF CANADA'S EAST COAST (Reuters) - Canadian hunters started shooting and clubbing harp seal pups on Saturday at the start of an annual hunt that is the focus of a tech-savvy protest by animal rights groups.

2006-03-25 15:35:00

Canadian hunters started shooting and clubbing harp seal pups on Saturday at the start of an annual hunt that is the focus of a tech-savvy protest by animal rights groups. This year, 325,000 young seals will be killed.

2006-03-23 16:05:00

Canada's annual seal hunt, the focus of a major protest effort by animal activists, will start on Saturday and could last longer than usual because the ice floes on which the seals gather are in poor condition, officials said on Thursday.

2006-03-22 16:55:00

French film star turned animal rights campaigner Brigitte Bardot tearfully begged Canada on Wednesday to stop the annual harp seal hunt, during which about 325,000 young seal pups will be shot or beaten to death.

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Harp Seal
2013-05-01 15:08:34

The harp seal (Pagophilus groenlandicus), also known as the saddleback seal, is a true seal in the Phocidae family. It is native to northern areas of the Atlantic Ocean and to some areas of the Arctic Ocean. Its scientific name means "ice-lover from Greenland,” and it was previously classified within Phoca genus, although studies have shown that it is unique enough to be in a distinct genus. It holds two recognized subspecies, P. groenlandicus groenlandicus and P. groenlandicus oceanicus....

Common Seal
2013-04-30 14:03:57

The common seal (Phoca vitulina), also known as the harbor seal or harbour seal, is a true seal in the Phocidae family. It can be found in the northern Pacific, Atlantic, Baltic, and North Seas along the coastlines in these areas. This species holds five recognized subspecies, although the Western Atlantic common seal subspecies is questionably classified. The common seal can reach an average length of up to 6.1 feet and a weight between 120 and 370 pounds. The fur can vary in color from...

2007-02-13 23:33:00

The Cape fur seal (also known as the South African Fur Seal) and the Australian fur seal are two subspecies of the Arctocephalus pusillus species of fur seal. The Cape fur seal (A. p. pusillus) is found along the coast of Namibia and along the west coast of South Africa. The Australian fur seal (A. p. doriferus) breeds on nine islands in the Bass Strait between Tasmania and Victoria. The Cape fur seal is an inquisitive and friendly animal when in the water and will often accompany SCUBA...

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