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Latest Sean Maher Stories

2008-09-28 21:00:21

By Sean Maher By Sean Maher STAFF WRITER OAKLAND -- Hoping to prevent mutated and sex-altered fish and other aquatic life in Bay Area waters, a crew of environmentalists set up shop in Jack London Square Sunday to collect several pounds of unwanted personal medication for proper incineration. Many people who find themselves with expired or unwanted meds will simply throw them in the trash or flush them down the toilet not realizing the chemicals are likely to end up in our...

2008-09-11 06:00:21

By Kristin Bender; Sean Maher BERKELEY -- What a difference a day makes. The only remnants of the 21-month tree sit at UC Berkeley are the chain-link fences surrounding the former grove and the sleeping bags, musical instruments, banners and information tables on the sidewalk across the street. The stuff looks abandoned and it's not clear when police or the ground supporters will remove it. What's left of the former tree grove is a pile of timber planned to be recycled in some way and...