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2005-07-28 14:18:21

By Deborah Zabarenko WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Even as shuttle Discovery docked smoothly on Thursday with the International Space Station, problems that started soon after liftoff could cloud the future of U.S. space flight. NASA's decision on Wednesday to keep the remaining two shuttles on the ground while experts trouble-shoot a potentially lethal case of falling debris might well delay the next flight, which now has a launch window that opens Sept. 9. If more shuttle flights are delayed,...

2005-07-26 18:50:00

CHIGASAKI, Japan -- Drums pounded and hundreds of hometown well-wishers roared with joy Tuesday as Japanese astronaut Soichi Noguchi blasted off aboard the space shuttle Discovery. About 300 people braved a typhoon and crowded into a brightly decorated reception room at City Hall to watch ride into space with six other astronauts. Chigasaki, a coastal city just south of Tokyo, is Noguchi's hometown. "It's magnificent," said Takakazu Ishii, 26, after watching the liftoff. "It's amazing."...

2005-06-20 17:44:40

WASHINGTON -- NASA announced on Monday it has set up a new department focused on analysis of how existing space programs are going and how best to get Americans back to the Moon and eventually to Mars. The U.S. space agency's Office of Program Analysis and Evaluation has no authority to hire, fire or pay, but it does have the ear of NASA Administrator Michael Griffin, a rocket scientist who has been candid about the need for change. The office was set up on April 29, two weeks after Griffin...

2005-06-15 07:17:46

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. -- NASA's new boss is changing his top officers as the space agency races toward meeting President Bush's goal of sending astronauts to the moon in a decade or so and later on to Mars. Administrator Michael Griffin, on the job for just two months, wants to speed up development of a shuttle replacement and is putting people in the job who share that objective. A NASA spokesman says such sweeping changes are normal in changing regimes. Toward that end, Griffin...

2005-05-12 18:40:00

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) -- NASA's new boss made an impassioned case Thursday for speeding up development of a new spacecraft so that the United States will not lose access to space when the shuttle is retired, but warned something else will have to be sacrificed. Administrator Michael Griffin told a Senate subcommittee in Washington that to cover the cost of the shuttle replacement's accelerated debut, he may be forced to delay some space station and exploration research. "We can't do...

2005-04-18 19:00:00

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) -- NASA's new administrator, Michael Griffin, promised Monday to leave "absolutely no stone unturned" in deciding whether it's safe to launch Discovery next month - the first space shuttle flight since the Columbia disaster. Discovery is scheduled to blast off as early as May 15. That date is in question because of a critical engineering review and stack of paperwork that still need to be completed. The review is scheduled for Tuesday at Kennedy Space Center, and...

2005-01-28 07:42:11

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) -- NASA observed a moment of silence across the country and in orbit Thursday in memory of the 17 astronauts killed in America's three spacecraft tragedies. "NASA remembers our heroes," the space agency said on its Internet site against a black backdrop, flashing photos of the Apollo 1, Challenger and Columbia crews. Aboard the international space station, commander Leroy Chiao asked colleagues in Mission Control to pause with him to "honor our fallen." A year...

2004-12-12 10:25:07

NEW ORLEANS (AP) -- NASA Administrator Sean O'Keefe has applied for a new job, as chancellor of Louisiana State University, and he is among the search committee's top candidates. "He is somebody we're very interested in," said Joel Tohline, chairman of the committee looking for someone to fill the $500,000-a-year job. The Houston Chronicle, citing sources it did not identify, said O'Keefe was poised to step down as NASA chief, and that an announcement regarding his future could come as early...

2004-12-08 00:45:00

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) -- Trying to save the famed Hubble Space Telescope with a robot would cost $2 billion with just a 50-50 chance of success, an aerospace research group is advising NASA in the coming days. And that thumbs-down is likely to be preceded by another potentially negative finding from the National Academy of Sciences, due to report on Wednesday. Both reports could spell doom for the popular, aging Hubble, whose fans have lobbied heavily to get it repaired to prolong its...

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