Latest secondary injuries Stories

2012-03-15 05:39:01

(Ivanhoe Newswire)– Pill for spinal injury? A new study shows an oral drug that has shown promise in trials for human multiple sclerosis, significantly improves locomotor recovery in mice with spinal cord injury (SCI). Researchers uncover how a new pill that has shown positive results in mice with multiple sclerosis suffering from deterioration of the spinal cord, may help humans. Aside from the initial tissue damage, a great deal of the degradation of the spinal cord in SCI is...

2010-01-25 13:43:01

 The application of a cervical collar on a trauma victim can cause more harm to the patient, leading to secondary injuries or even death, according to experts at Baylor College of Medicine in a study that appears in the current online edition of the Journal of Trauma. "Cervical extrication collars are put on about 15 million times a year in the United States alone by emergency medical personnel or doctors in hospitals to protect the cervical spine in case of a bad injury. It is known...

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