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2011-06-04 00:00:30

MindTrust International LLC is a collaborative for disruptive innovation in the world market in IT, Consumer & Industrial Goods and Services, and Business Systems and Services. Their most significant project to date has focused on the mitigation of loss of oil from hour one and resulted in the invention and commercialization of the SEDNA MeshTech System as a "Ëœfirst' contingency plan for oil spill response and prevention, regardless of environment or condition. St. Louis, MO...

2005-04-15 16:25:50

Gemini -- Recent spectroscopic studies of infrared light reflected from the surface of Sedna reveal that it is probably unlike Pluto and Charon since Sedna's surface does not display evidence for a large amount of either water or methane ice. Due to Sedna's extreme distance from the Sun, the frigid surface has probably been untouched for millions of years by anything except cosmic rays and solar ultraviolet radiation. Gemini Observatory astronomer Chad Trujillo led an effort by the same...

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  • The ragged surface of a lava-flow.
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