Latest Self control Stories

2010-09-20 23:01:02

When it comes to self-control, consumers in the United States are in trouble.

2010-02-11 14:23:14

Type-2 diabetes, an increasingly common complication of obesity, is associated with poor impulse control.

2010-01-14 17:34:29

Before patting yourself on the back for resisting that cookie or kicking yourself for giving in to temptation, look around.

2009-10-14 11:24:51

If you think choosing between a candy bar and healthy snack is totally a matter of free will, think again.

2009-08-06 21:39:30

People say they have more restraint than they actually possess -- leading to poor decisions when tempted with greed, lust or drugs, U.S.

2009-08-03 12:35:00

Whether it's highlighted in major news headlines about Argentinean affairs and Ponzi schemes, or in personal battles with obesity and drug addiction, individuals regularly succumb to greed, lust and self-destructive behaviors.

2009-07-10 06:40:00

MANSFIELD, Conn., July 10 /PRNewswire/ -- Life is unfair, the economy is out of control and disaster can strike at any time. However true these statements might be, your ability to bounce back from your circumstances depends on your own control over yourself.

2009-05-01 09:00:01

When you're on a diet, deciding to skip your favorite calorie-laden foods and eat something healthier takes a whole lot of self-control--an ability that seems to come easier to some of us than others.

2009-04-07 09:25:48

Exerting self-control is exhausting. In fact, using self-control in one situation impairs our ability to use self-control in subsequent, even unrelated, situations.

2009-02-09 14:41:12

The reason teens are prone to risky decision-making has less to do with impulse and more to do with a desire do something exciting, U.S. researchers suggest.

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