Latest Self-organization Stories

2010-04-26 07:29:46

Toward intelligent and creative computers.

2009-11-11 17:25:26

Engineers at the University of Leeds have developed a simple technology which can be used in existing chemical reactors to ensure "right first time" drug crystal formation.

2009-10-21 07:30:00

MELBOURNE, Fla., Oct. 21 /PRNewswire/ -- In its latest effort to provide users with a more efficient way to search and navigate literature, Q-Sensei (www.qsensei.com) has expanded its offering to include the vast holdings of the World's largest library: the Library of Congress.

2009-09-30 14:55:00

The new Google Wave tool, which merges e-mail, instant messaging and wiki-style editing, was made available to the publicly today.

2009-09-28 09:45:00

NEW YORK, Sept. 28 /PRNewswire/ -- Want your boss to think you're really on top of things - or just want to feel more in control of your work and home in these tough economic times? Start by organizing your desk! According to a recent survey by Greenfield Online, Inc.

2009-08-11 09:30:00

An international team of researchers from the Netherlands, Russia and Austria discovered that monolayer coverage and channel length set the mobility in self-assembled monolayer field-effect transistors (SAMFETs).

2009-08-01 22:08:00

CHICAGO, Aug. 1 /PRNewswire/ -- Bizwiki.com launched across the USA today, promising to change the way local search works by enabling its users to build up the most detailed and up-to-date index of business in the United States.

2009-07-24 14:12:00

Online sessions help teachers infuse learning with technologyRESTON, Va., July 24 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Every day, more teachers discover that using technology can stimulate students' thinking and help them grasp complicated subjects.

2009-05-29 06:15:00

Google is developing a new online communication tool and hopes independent computer programmers will help expand the vision of the free product.

2009-05-14 15:27:08

The natural world is a shining example when it comes to the self-assembly of molecules. However, it has not disclosed all of its secrets yet. Controlling the shape and structure of self-assembled systems continues to be a stumbling block for scientists.

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