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2006-03-08 20:15:00

By Jeremy Lovell SELLAFIELD -- It is the regular beeping that grates. But if it stops, prepare to be scared. The signal audible every second in every corridor of the high-level toxic nuclear waste plant on Britain's sprawling Sellafield site is a sign all the alarms are working. If it stops, or changes tone, something has gone very wrong. "The people who work here every day tell me they get used to it. But it tends to get on the nerves of everyone who visits the plant," Sellafield information...

2006-02-23 16:20:00

By Jeremy Lovell SELLAFIELD (Reuters) - Nuclear waste, the spectre haunting the industry, will not pose a problem if Britain decides later this year to build a new generation of nuclear power plants, scientists said on Thursday. With a lethal life measured in thousands of years, waste from nuclear power stations has a powerful grip on public imagination who fear theft or attack by terrorists or simply that it is an unwanted legacy for generations to come. "From a technical point of view we...

2005-10-07 08:50:00

SELLAFIELD -- The nuclear power industry is quietly confident that the world is about to beat a path to its door in an increasingly desperate search for "clean" energy that doesn't heat up the planet. Soaring oil prices and new data on global warming -- brought into sharp focus by devastating hurricanes in the United States -- have heated up the nuclear debate and outraged the environmental lobby, which says nuclear power is not the answer. China plans to invest some $50 billion to build...

2005-02-17 08:15:00

LONDON (AFP) -- A civilian nuclear fuels reprocessing plant in northwest England cannot account for some 30 kilograms (66 pounds) of plutonium, enough for seven or eight nuclear bombs. The annual audit of nuclear material at all of Britain's civil nuclear plants is expected to reveal that the quantity of plutonium at Sellafield was classified as "material unaccounted for" last year, The Times newspaper said Thursday. Figures published by the British Nuclear Group (BNG) each year reveal an...

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