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2008-12-06 12:55:00

New research from the UK suggests that men of higher intelligence tend to produce better quality sperm.The Institute of Psychiatry headed up a study where they analyzed data from former US soldiers who served during the Vietnam war era and found that those who performed better on intelligence tests tended to have more - and more mobile - sperm.The results appear to support the idea that genes underlying intelligence may have other biological effects too, suggesting that if tiny mutations...

2008-09-26 09:25:00

Taking drugs to fight off depression, could end with increased level of sperm with damaged DNA. The study was published in New Scientist magazine. The results do not mean these men would have serious problems becoming a father, but a UK fertility specialist said they were a "cause for concern".Paroxetine, sold as Seroxat or Paxil, is one of the most commonly prescribed antidepressants in the UK. This is the second study by a team of researchers at Cornell Medical Center in New York which...

2008-09-16 16:45:00

A preliminary study suggests that heated seats are a luxury in some cars, but they may be a little too hot for men. Around 90 minutes on a heated car seat created a significant increase in men's scrotal temperature, researchers observed. Because heat stress on the testicles has been shown to impair sperm quality, the findings raise the possibility that over time, heated car seats could affect a man's fertility. However, Dr. Andreas Jung, of Justus Liebig University Giessen in Germany stressed...

2008-07-11 00:20:00

Obese men should consider losing weight if they want to have children, according to new research presented at a meeting of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology. Dr. A Ghiyath Shayeb, from the University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen, UK, said his research found that men with a higher body mass index (BMI) had lower volumes of seminal fluid and a higher proportion of abnormal sperm. "There is a very long list of health hazards from being overweight," said Dr Shayeb, the study's...

2008-07-07 16:45:00

Researchers in France reported Sunday that couples have more difficulty conceiving when the man is over 40 years of age than if he is younger. While experts have long understood the importance of a woman's age in conceiving, the new research suggests that the age of a man plays a larger role than previously believed. "Our data give evidence for the first time, for a strong paternal effect on IUI (intrauterine insemination) outcome either on pregnancy rates but also on miscarriage rates,"...

2008-05-23 18:00:36

British scientists warn male painters exposed to glycol ethers they may be more likely to have poor semen quality. Researchers at the Universities of Sheffield and Manchester in England found men exposed to glycol either -- found in many products including water-based paints -- have a two-point-five-fold increased chance of having a low motile, or moving, sperm count. Motile sperm move spontaneously and independently. Motility is an important factor in the fertility of men and the...

2008-02-07 00:45:00

A study conducted by researchers at the Cleveland Clinic found that cell phone use could be linked to infertility in men.Researchers found that, on average, the longer men used their cell phones daily, the lower their sperm count and the greater their percentage of abnormal sperm. The findings were published in the journal Fertility and Sterility.Some studies in the past have also linked long-term cell phone use to a higher risk of brain tumors, though many other studies have found no such...

2007-12-01 06:00:00

At age 37, Tucsonan Erica Koerber knows she probably won't get pregnant. Blame the hormones in her body -- and maybe, just maybe, the chemicals in her environment. Koerber, chief operating officer for a local defense contractor, has premature ovarian failure, a disease striking 1 in every 100 women ages 30 to 40. She also has polycystic ovarian syndrome, which strikes one in every 10 women of childbearing age. Such women often have high levels of male hormones, frequently missed or...

2007-03-02 11:16:15

Exposure to hot baths or hot tubs can lead to male infertility, but the effects can sometimes be reversible, according to a new study led by a University of California, San Francisco urologist. Results from a three-year study analyzing data from infertile men who had been repeatedly exposed to high water temperatures through hot tubs, Jacuzzis or hot baths are reported in the March-April 2007 issue of "International Braz J Urol," the official journal of the Brazilian Society of Urology. Study...

2006-06-06 01:10:00

By Maggie Fox, Health and Science Correspondent WASHINGTON -- Sperm declines in quality as men age, swimming more slowly and becoming more genetically defective, U.S. researchers reported on Monday. The finding adds to some recent studies that have found that, even though men make fresh sperm every day and can father children well into old age, they become less fertile and also tend to have more children with birth defects. "This study shows that men who wait until they're older to have...

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